A collaboration of instruments….

The first question I am often asked is “Do you play an instrument?” – the short answer is “No”….people are generally either shocked or amused by this response but then the burning question arrives “What is it you are doing and why?” and this is how the answer goes…

My goal with Araminta’s Attic is to give support to emergent and mid journey musicians all across Australia and within all genres. Araminta’s focus is on unsigned and independent Australian artists and not those already supported by the music industries corporate mega-beasts.

I don’t play a musical instrument – I write…that’s what I do! I have a blog and I utilise it to highlight band profiles and provide gig/venue/release reviews…it’s a bit of a mixed bag!

It’s important to note that ALL reviews I do are purely from a ‘PUNTERS PERSPECTIVE’…I make no claim to having any formal knowledge of music journalism and representation…music is an interpretative artform and my words form my own opinions and interpretations only.

You’ll find stories and pictures about some of Australia’s iconic music legends intermixed with those on their journey to becoming legends. You may also find some content that references overseas acts but usually in conjunction with something Australian.

There’s nothing like a ‘LIVE’ gig and so I attend as many as I can thus getting to know and hear the new groups/artists and sounds coming out of the music movement in Australia. There is just one of me and sometimes it’s a tough task BUT it’s one I love.

I like to think I’m giving an added opportunity to reach out, be heard and get noticed for anyone and everyone who would like to take advantage of the opportunity.

I do this for free and to the best of my ability because I’m an avid music fan who believes that “Every Little Bit Helps” and this is a way I can support Australian Music Industry growth and artists dreams!

“If music be the food of love, play on.” – William Shakespeare.