[BAND PROFILE] William Street Strikers

BAND NAME: William Street Strikers

MEMBERS NAMES & ROLES:  Andrew Matters (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Stuart James Day (Lead Guitar/Vocals/Multi-instrumentalist – plays Sitar, 12 string on the new album), Liv Bafile (Drums/Vocals) and Brett Dion Sody (Producer/Guitar Piano and all keys ie organ/Hammond)

GENRE:  We were called “Genre eclectic “as we cross pollinate a bit, I guess we’re an indie rock music band.

HOMETOWN/STATE/COUNTRY:  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

ORIGINALS/COVERS/BOTH:  We’re an all-original band with 5 releases and we’re just about to release our 6th album.

HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND?  Our sound is a rootsy melodic pumping pop sound, we meld the best of all the important movements in each decade since the birth of popular music, our music translates easily from record to a live setting.

WHAT’S THE MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WHILE PERFORMING?  Our most weird experience was finding a bin full of money, cocaine and a guitar left by another touring band, which I’ll keep their cover, totally true story, a few hundred dollars, a lot of coke and a good semi acoustic guitar.

WHERE TO IN THE FUTURE?  We’re just about to release our new album and then we’ll tour it.


You can find us at williamstreetstrikers.com

BOOKING CONTACT/AGENT: Andrew Matters – 0417 082 553

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