ARTIST NAME: Rhys Prosser

MEMBERS NAMES & ROLES: Rhys Prosser (Guitar/Drums/Piano/Bass/Midi and Vocals)

GENRE: Alternative

HOMETOWN/STATE/COUNTRY: Perth, Western Australia, Australia


HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND? My sound takes a lot of inspiration from artists like The Doors, Tame Impala and twenty one pilots. I like to make music that I would enjoy hearing and that is very precise. I love to experiment so I very often venture into other genres so you never know what your going to get with my music a lot of the time!

WHAT’S THE MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WHILE PERFORMING? The last performance I did was at a public BBQ that went really well until after we had finished our set and the host was talking to the crowd through the mic. As we were packing up for the next artist to come on, I thought I was unplugging the power lead for my amp but instead, I unplugged the box for the microphone that the host was speaking into (not the best first impression), luckily he and the crowd just laughed and it was a great day anyway!

WHERE TO IN THE FUTURE? On Christmas eve I am going to be releasing an album called ‘2017-2021’. It is a compilation album of some of the music I’ve released since 2017. The main reason for this is so that I can put my older music that I’ve had on Bandcamp for years onto spotify etc. I am going to release two singles from it starting with a new song called ‘Snow For Sand’ which comes out 10/12. I also can’t wait to start doing more live gigs and releasing more music!

WHERE CAN WE HEAR YOUR MUSIC (links)? You can find my music on all major streaming services, a link to all of them can be found right here: https://linktr.ee/rhys.prosser

BOOKING CONTACT/AGENT:  Rhys Prosser – rhys.prosser.music19@gmail.com

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