[Band Profile] Flint.

ARTIST/BAND NAME: Flint. (with the full stop)

MEMBERS NAMES & ROLES: Tony Rosenberg (vocalist / lyricist); Peter Jenner (songwriter / guitarist); John Doyle (bass); Brian Foulds (drums) 

GENRE: Alternative Rock



HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND? The sound the band has built is at times heavy, at times melodic, but always rock. “It has been an interesting journey to discover our sound instead of playing someone else’s,” Tony considers. Our peculiarity, says Peter, lies in the odd guitar tunings. “In an attempt to stay away from the obvious, we have been messing around with alternate tunings for the guitar. It has opened up a world of opportunity in terms of experimentation.” This was born from the idea of mixing influences but, at the same time, trying to avoid sounding like other bands. We have also been experimenting with time signature changes within the songs. While that can be a challenge in the studio, it does make the music really quite dynamic.

WHAT’S THE MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WHILE PERFORMING? AS Flint. We have yet to perform live. Peter and Tony used to play together in a covers band in Brisbane. While in that band, Tony was once asked to keep his sweat-soaked shirt on (he would often change between sets), so that the crowd could see his nipples.

WHERE TO IN THE FUTURE? Who knows? It would be great to play some festivals, and maybe get signed.

WHERE CAN WE HEAR YOUR MUSIC (links)? As soon as it’s available, you’ll be the first to know. We are due to release a single (or two) in May, and our debut EP is scheduled for release in June.

BOOKING CONTACT/AGENT: It’s just us at the moment. Phones: +61 0410 391 913 / +61 0490 116 835

website: https://flintmusicband.web.app/ E-mail: flintbrisbane@gmail.com

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