Cedarsmoke Release Single – ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’

In their ambivalent, self-defeating and dark-humoured indie/ alt/ punk-rock style, Cedarsmoke are back at it, scraping through depression and the monotony of life with their relatable new single ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’ (Out Now).

It was March last year when the band released their 5th EP fittingly titled ‘Everything Is The Worst’. Lockdown had only just begun but Cedarsmoke’s tracks like ‘Feel Bad Hit Of The Summer’‘The Grim Reaper’s Song’ and ‘Local Anaesthetic’ were already painting the picture for the drab year ahead.

Moving forward a year, Cedarsmoke continues to solidify their sound with the new single ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’ – a track that paints a picture that is all too familiar to many. Cloumassis states:

“The song is about the downside of youth and being in your twenties. It began with the title which I liked because of the double meaning – it looks at how youth has its negatives and it also looks at how getting old is a constant thing. I think that like most things, it has its pros and cons which is what makes it an interesting subject matter to me.” 

Centred around a 12-string acoustic guitar, frontman Jon Cloumassis comes in with his distinctive punk-esque/ raspy vocal tone before the band fill the soundscape with synths, electric guitar and mellotron come in to push the track forwards. The gloomy verses and bridge are polarized by the upbeat choruses and mellotron solo all while the Cloumassis‘ lyrics feel pained and despairing.

Cedarsmoke’s previous releases have seen support from theMusic, AU Review, Scenestr, AAA Backstage, Hysteria, Music Is My Muse, Local Band Smokeout and a heap of community radios across Australia. 

“It’s the power to generate such vivid landscapes of longing, loss, frustration and doubt that makes Cedarsmoke one of the most relatable bands going.” (Hysteria Mag)

Adding to their massive back-catalogue, ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’ was released worldwide on March 12.


Spotify | Apple Music | Facebook | Soundcloud  

Bandcamp | Insta: @cedarsmokemusic

(Authored by Madeleine Khalu – Ruckus PR)

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