[Single Review] Mermaid Avenue ‘Turn the Page’…

‘Turn the Page’ (out 26th March) is the first single from an 11 track album ‘Sugartown’ (ETA Sept. 2021) by Brisbane Alt Country/Indie Rockers Mermaid Avenue. Shortly following the single release Mermaid Avenue plan to deliver a complimenting video for the track (due 28th March 2021).

Available on all popular streaming platforms MARCH 26th 2021

‘Turn the Page’ is a song whose lyrics allow us to examine long term relationships and whether they can be repaired and restored after infidelity.

*Ugh* – I hear what you are thinking…Another dreary song about love or lack of it! Your assumption could be misplaced with this one…

“Baby can we start
Pick up the pieces
Tend to broken hearts
Moments of weakness
Lay your guns down
He was more than a kiss”

Step on board with a kaleidoscope of sound to digest. Find yourself sliding along with an electric lap steel or tip toeing through the melody unfolding on the keyboard. Two main musical elements with spotlights above the rest. Add to this Clarke’s vocal and you’ll be hard pressed not to give your own treatment to ‘Turn the Page’ in your own space…It’s a full package.

Whilst ‘Turn the Page’ exudes the signature stylings of Mermaid Avenue its evident there’s also a fuller, grittier and edgier feature we’ve not experienced before. I can only attribute this to a lineup change which occurred between the bands last album ‘Temptation and Half the Truth’ (2019) and now but it’s a BONUS!

The tempo and rhythm provide a ‘driving through’ of the escalated issues and the track musicality is surprisingly upbeat which I found curious but likeable given the topic of the single itself. Vocally, the same driving force is applicable with the message being repeated attempting to persuade us to listen to reason. Both components in unison stop us enduring the typical onslaught of depth and depression within songs that delve into “relationships on the rocks”.

‘Turn the Page’ was recorded at The Barn Studios in The Lockyer Valley under the guidance of Steve Robin (Recording Engineer) and Lachlan ‘Magoo’ Goold (Mix Engineer). Goold himself a celebrated Australian Producer having worked with the likes of Powderfinger, Regurgitator and Midnight Oil. There is no doubting the shine that has been developed through this collaboration and it sets Mermaid Avenue in a good place for the future.

The video for ‘Turn the Page’, produced by Mermaid Avenue bassist Mark Egan, has had a treatment I’m not familiar with in conceptualizing human form to cartoon form. I found this added another dimension and made it refreshing viewing.

Egan didn’t leave out the couple fighting for their relationship to survive, the story was still playing out however the big production winner I felt was the use of actual recording studio footage which drew me into an intimate experience with Mermaid Avenue.

‘Turn the Page’ has already enjoyed its first spin overseas in the UK via Don Valley Country Radio and overall, this single may well be the page turner for Mermaid Avenue, a morphing of a butterfly from what was a chrysalis. It exemplifies catchy hooks, abundant creativity and all-round likeability.

If ‘Turn the Page’ is a demonstration of what’s to come on the album ‘Sugartown’ and from Mermaid Avenue’s future catalogue then I say follow Mermaid Avenue and bookmark September 2021.

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