[5 Minute Read] Kenilworth Bakery – Rock Murals by Daus von Roe.

WhatKenilworth Bakery Rock Murals
Location – 8 Elizabeth Street, Kenilworth, Queensland, Australia 4574

Kenilworth is a small rural town in the hinterland located in The Mary Valley just a 1 hr drive inland from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The Bakery was established in 1924 as Tanner’s General Store and converted to a bakery in 1930s. Along with it’s drawcard a ‘1Kg Donut eating challenge’ the bakery is home to two murals commissioned by owner Jenna Sanders.

Sanders tasked local air brushing artist Ryan Cribbons aka Daus von Roe to paint the first 15-meter mural of musicians to include her favourite artists – Led Zeppelin, Beyonce, David Bowie, John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, the Doors and Salt ‘n’ Pepa. The mural was to be painted on a corrugated tin wall. Music lovers need to walk to the rear exterior of the bakery to appreciate this work of art in full….

In 2020, Sanders again had Daus Von Roe revisit the Kenilworth Bakery to paint on the side wall of the adjoining building which lines the bakery’s driveway, another mural which contains images of some 30 well known musicians from across the world…impressive!!

(All picture’s supplied by Araminta’s Attic)

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