[Band Profile] Elbury

BAND NAME:  Elbury

MEMBERS NAMES & ROLES: Edward Buckridge (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Luck (Guitar/Vocals), Tam Hutchison (Drums/Vocals), Luke Mulhare (Bass/Vocals), Brooke Austen (Keyboards/Vocals)

GENRE:  Folk Rock

HOMETOWN,STATE & COUNTRY: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND? Began as a mellow folk duo but over the years have gained members to build a sound that is folk/songwriter based but full and textured, with lots of vocal harmonies and interweaving guitar and piano lines.  Current repertoire is more up-tempo than it used to be, and the forthcoming album features songs from various band members, so lead vocal duty is shared.

WHAT’S THE MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WHILE PERFORMING?  We’ve toured down south a couple of times over the years and both times I have been amazed at the response a travelling band can get, especially in smaller towns.  Incredibly validating to have locals turn out to support you as you come through, and really interesting to see how live music is valued in these places. 

As a more comedic/embarrassing interesting experience… the last time we headed down to Mt Burrell to play (not long pre-pandemic), one of the cars had some trouble so we had to play the first set minus two member and most of the gear! So, basically arranging in a capella style on the fly, whispering structure changes to each other mid-song and trying to keep a professional face on the whole thing!  Interesting to see how well we could manage – not 100% successful but there was a lot of goodwill in the place!

WHERE TO IN THE FUTURE? We are always looking to the next recording project – songwriting, video ideas etc – and planning a big effort in 2021-2022 to build our live presence, following a few slower years (due to COVID and children!)


Bandcamp | YouTube | Spotify

BOOKING CONTACT/AGENT:  Edward Buckridge – elburymusic@gmail.com


  1. Great stuff! I’ll be having a look at it myself in the near future and bringing my thoughts to the blog…stay tuned!!


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