[Guest Review] – Life Blood by Killtoys

KILLTOYS – Life Blood (Single)
Review authored by Andy Gee“Gee-Force” Scotland, UK.

Band from Australia, new to me, but definitely worth more investigating on the strength of this.

First, it’s produced perfectly, as the clarity of the band and singer is outstanding. The song itself, wastes no time hitting its stride, staring with a distant guitar riff, only for the bass to rumble in and the drums thump away as this jittery, shuddering rhythm takes centre stage, the guitar unleashed in bursts all around, like solar flares.

On top of this a mid-range male vocal flows somewhat menacingly, and it all reminds me of a Scottish band called Emerald Sunday, for those up here who know. But then they light the blue touch paper, as band and singer ignite and the rhythms become more dramatic, the guitar surges upwards like a rocket and the vocals go positively supernova, the band collectively shooting to the skies in a blaze of feedback-laced guitar breakout, and vocal holler, but then they hit deep space, the roar of the engines, quietens, the guitar intensity becomes less dense and a wordless vocal chant takes you into the black hole, where you lose sight of them altogether.

On this evidence, can’t wait to see what else they’re capable of delivering…..

Find out more about Killtoys and Life Blood here

“Gee Force” is based in Dundee, Scotland UK and is a review website for emerging and unsigned bands and artists from outside (and occasionally inside) Scotland – albums, EP’s and tracks)

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