5 Minute Read: Festival Hall “Walk of Fame”…


Festival Hall

Address: 118 Charlotte St, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4000
Opened: 27 April 1959
Closed: 29 August 2003
Capacity: 4,000
Demolished: 2003

Brisbane’s Festival Hall was originally known as Brisbane Stadium, which was built in 1910 and was used a venue to watch boxing and for live concerts.

Brisbane Stadium circa 1940’s

In 1958, Brisbane Stadium was demolished, and a new building Festival Hall was constructed in its place. Festival Hall was opened on 27 April 1959.

Festival Hall was the largest indoor public venue, in the Brisbane inner city area and it became the venue to visit for boxing, wrestling, roller derby, theatrical presentations and live concerts.

Brisbane’s Festival Hall hosted performances for virtually every major tour by visiting overseas artists. On January 15, 1964 The Beach Boys played at Festival Hall shortly followed by The Beatles who played the first of four concerts at the venue on 28 June 1964 . The final concert held was Michael Franti and Spearhead which took place on 9 August 2003.

Brisbane Festival Hall closed its doors on 29 August 2003, was sold and then demolished  making way for an apartment development known as Festival Towers.

Festival Towers

Devine Limited, developers of Festival Towers then commissioned the Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Performing Arts Museum to design and install a “Walk of Fame” display commemorating the history of the site.

Located within the entry lobby of Festival Towers, the “Walk of Fame” utilises wall-mounted backlit panel displays and also incorporates original seatbacks from Festival Hall. Images of performers and other significant figures in the Festival Hall story are supplemented by smaller panels featuring photographs and history of the site.

Picture Credits:

Festival Hall (https://architectureau.com/articles/arkhefield-designs-art-deco-inspired-brisbane-music-hall/), Brisbane Stadium (http://www.milesago.com/venues/bris-festhall.htm), Festival Towers (https://www.ticati.com/fr/hotel/oaks-festival-towers-128907/),

Festival Hall “Walk of Fame” photographs by Jenny Syratt.

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