Grace Sanders Releases Luring Single ‘NO FAIR’

Grace Sanders has a kind of confidence and snarly attitude that owns the room and unquestionably turns heads. In August she did just that with her mesmerising single ‘Green’ that acted as a re-introduction to the scene. Now, Sanders is following that up with an intoxicating electro-pop track in ‘NO FAIR’ (released November 6).

Having seen support from the likes of NMETriple JDouble JTriple J UnearthedtheMusicPileratsAU Review, RTR FM Sound Selection and more, it’s safe to say that Sanders made an impact with her last single.  

“Love this. Such a strong, woozy vocal, tops production and excellent song structure and hook.” 4 / 5 (Zan Rowe, Triple J)

“It’s a charming four-minutes that centres on this genre-mixing pop sound that’s full of bubbly confidence and Grace Sanders’ signature charm” (Pilerats)

In ‘NO FAIR’, Sanders is letting down some walls as she shows some of her vulnerabilities in this searing and foreboding number that dives into the depths of the electro-pop space. Sanders explains:

This song is about all the below the belt things we say to the people we love the most, trying to hurt them even though they are the ones closest and dearest to us.”

This blood-bubbling number pushes, pulls and torments as it moves through an intimate vocal-driven intro that is like a lure for the searing moment when the beat and bass drop in the chorus. Drenched in this engrossing production of deep bass, snapping snares, sizzling hi-hats and synth variations throughout the rest of the track, Sanders is able to spin webs with her razor-sharp delivery.

‘NO FAIR’ Single Launch
November 21 – The Bird, Perth w/ Shy Panther and Great Statues.

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