Unwind With The Warmth Of James Abberley’s Single ‘You’re The One’

With his warming, coastal acoustic sounds and gently pulsing minimalistic beats that push and pull with the tides of the ocean, James Abberley from the Western-shores of Australia is releasing an introspective single, ‘You’re The One’ (Out October 30).

Over the past number of years, Abberley has hit impressive milestones throughout his career which include supporting the likes of Xavier RuddThe WaifsPaul DempsyAsh Grunwald and Kim Churchill. Abberley’s also performed at a number of WA festivals including Nannup Festival and Into The Sun Festival to name a few.

In January this year, Abberley made his way to New Zealand for the first time where four of the six shows sold out. This trend has continued with the return of live music in WA with Abberley selling out his last 5 shows. 

Now in quick succession to follow up his most recent single ‘Drifting’ (released in August) is ‘You’re The One’. With a “from the heart” passion and seriousness, this weighty number is indicative of the heart-pounding emotions tied to a yearning for the one as the title suggests. Abberley states:

‘You’re The One’ is about that moment when you are trying to fall asleep, but no matter what you do, you just can’t get that person that you love or want out of your head. It’s amazing to me that you can feel like a slave to your own thoughts.”

Generating this feeling is Abberley’s easy listening blend of acoustic-folk, minimalistic beats and his tender vocal tone that is laced with a soft Australiana accent.

The acoustic guitar is graciously strummed and picked in turn as Abberley’s vocals serenade in a slow-burning fashion. The guitar gets embellished as layers of ambient howls set up a chilling atmosphere where a bass drum pulse is introduced to build the tempo towards the half-time chorus. Like being swallowed up by the ocean where under the waves time slows, the chorus allows space for layers of Abberley’s vocals and the emphasis on the beat comprising of clicks, tambourine and the bass drum.  

“It’s a warm and wind-swept display of electronic-backed folk music, with gentle guitar melodies and breezing percussion underlying a crooning vocal which takes centre stage” (Pilerats)

Collectively, like much of Abberley’s music, the track imbues a sense of tranquillity and meditative space for introspection. For those in WA wanting to catch Abberley live-looping performance, find more information about the single tour which is expected to sell out below.

‘You’re The One’ Single Tour  

Nov 6 – The Aardvark, Freemantle | Event Page
Nov 13 – Vancouver Arts Center, Albany | Event Page
Nov 21 – Little Village, Margaret River | Event Page
All tickets via Eventbrite.com.au

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