Killtoys Release Debut Single ‘Life Blood’ To All Platforms on 30th October 2020!!!

Brisbane based Australian alt-rock band Killtoys were born from the dissolution of The Pretty Fingers in 2019 with band members Mick Bristow (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Stav Tsolakides (Bass/Vocals) and Bevan Bancroft (Drums/Vocals) returning in 2020 with the fierce and innovative sound that is now unique to Killtoys.

Why Killtoys? Bristow explains…

“We are called Killtoys because we feel that that’s exactly how our government and big business see the people, like lambs to the slaughter to do whatever they want with, tell us what to do, what to like and how to live. We reject that and make our music and fashion the way we like it despite the norms that are jammed down our throat. Killtoys encourages individuality, free thinking and resistance.”

Killtoys: L To R – Bevan Bancroft, Stav Tsolakides, Mick Bristow

‘Life Blood’ is the 1st single from a forthcoming yet to be named debut Killtoys album (eta April 2021) and is being released on all popular streaming and download platforms on October 30th 2020.

Written by Bristow, ‘Life Blood’ is about the loss of innocence as a child grows up and begins to understand the outside world. It encompasses Killtoys originality with just a bit of Midnight Oil and The Mark of Cain two of Australia’s legendary bands heard coming to the surface.

Bristow cites his inspiration for the track as…“A simple awakening in the family home not knowing anything about the realities of life outside the front door and then growing up and experiencing the cruelty, selfishness and greed of modern society and eventually getting your hands dirty just like everybody else beginning with revenge.”

The use of solicitous lyrics integrated with the bands powerful, dirty, unpredictable, and dangerous alt-rock style brings listeners through a journey featuring the darker side of the human dichotomy.

Killtoys music and indeed ‘Life Blood’ itself is seeping in ingenuity, confidence, defiance and is sure to be as ‘appealing as hell’ to hard rock fans!

Transitionally speaking this has been a ‘no brainer’ for comparative listening against previous “Pretty Fingers” notoriety. Killtoys sound is a whole new animal built on the combination of ideals and skillsets of three very individual persona’s evolving together within their genre.

Once you’ve heard ‘Life Blood’ there can be no going back only looking forward to what’s yet to come from Killtoys future compositional arsenal no doubt complete with the growled notes, expert guitar distortions and layered instrumentations we’ve been privy to in ‘Life Blood’.

To boot – Killtoys have already received one of the greatest career acknowledgements a fledgling outfit can secure via the late Keith Flint of The Prodigy fame on the last Australian Tour. A friend of the band was chauffeur to Flint and they both enjoyed a playlist of local talent during the journey. Flint heard a re-release version of The Pretty Fingers ‘Real Thing’ fashioned in the dirty alt-rock styling of the Killtoys and remarked “Who are these guys? This is great!”.

Killtoys re-release Pretty Fingers “Real Thing”

These boys are introducing themselves to the alternative rock scene across the world with ‘Life Blood’ and firmly stamping their presence within it.

Brisbane, Australia’s Alt-Rock Outfit – Killtoys

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