Sprawl Out And Settle In With Sammm. On His EP ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’…

How delicious is it getting into bed to sleep on some fresh sheets? Well, sprawl out on the mattress and settle in with Sammm. as he captures that feeling in his new EP ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ (released October 16) that features his two latest singles ‘Four Eyes’ and ‘Faye’.

These previous singles with their offbeat dreamy indie rock/ slacker-pop vibe and defining punkish vocal tone and accent of Samuel Geddes have both provided an insight into his world – dabbling into life-changing experiences battling substance abuse, self-care and intense romance and heartbreak.

Both releases and music videos saw support from the likes of Double J, ABC Rage, theMusic, Blunt Mag, AU Review, AAA Backstage, Triple J Unearthed and more.

The ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ EP adds two more lusciously melancholic and palpable tracks that cement Sammm.’s incomparable sound. Kicking off the EP is ‘Four Eyes’ followed by the contrasting energy of ‘Faye’.

Then, strutting out of on the clouds dowsed in an 80’s kooky upbeat combo of punctuated bass and drums is ‘Fly’. The spacious guitar is softly strummed away in the background as some gentle licks are plucked away in between doses of atmospheric synths that fade in and out.

Geddes’ vocal melody falls in line with the bass before opening up an instrumental chorus lead by the guitar. When the chorus is revisited, Geddes’ passionately delivers some introspective lyrics in his thick accent which then struts to a close with a repeated punctuated vocal melody.

To close the 4-track EP is the title track, ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ with a “crawling under the skin” psychedelic-like feel. It’s down-tempo beat, skipping bass lines with a sharp pronounced tone, layers of laid-back twangy and fuzzy guitar tones allow for Sammm.’s creative and vivid lyricism to ooze out in his theatrical manner.

Collectively this EP showcases a distinct sound and style for Sammm., one which naturally adopts flavours from indie and slacker rock, 80’s jangle pop, psych and more into something fundamentally unique.

‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ EP Launch

Friday November 6 – The Brightside, Brisbane w/ Lucy Francesca Dron, Sleeping & Bridget Brandolini – Event Page

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