Kim Yang explores self-doubt and empowerment with new release ‘Dominoes’.

This from the official press release….

Canberra Indie-Folk artist Kim Yang’s fierce new single ‘Dominoes’ is the cure for your COVID blues. Kim Yang’s new song Dominoes celebrates everyone who feels lost in this time of mass confusion. The song is an anthem for people who are full of self-doubt and uncertainty. It calls for people to embrace their struggles and enjoy the journey to their unique destinations.

This Canberra-based indie-folk singer-songwriter has continued her habit of telling stories that speak from her experiences as a woman, a partner, a traveller, and an insecure soul. Her stories balance delicately between vulnerability and power, using a complex soundscape of harmonies and instruments that beautifully compliment Kim’s incredible vocal range.

“I used to be a shy person. I buried my feelings and refused to open up to others. But music and song writing have helped me express myself. My mission is to encourage all people to be comfortable with themselves, and to be confident enough to embrace their passions and share their stories. Once you do you will find that your stories and experiences resonate with many others. After all, you are not alone” Kim Yang

But what did Araminta’s Attic think of Kim’s new release ‘Dominoes’??

Dominoes is a very pleasant song, hopeful , optimistic yet worldly and true to Kim’s confessional singer songwriter style. Dominoes is sung in jewel like hushed yet powerful tones reminiscent of a Joni Mitchell esque style, slow burning and subtle, rocking but gently. Dominoes has a linear emotional quality, a quiet dignified emotional core, without showy false bravado. Spiritual stuff! Good soundtrack for Tai Chi class on the beach at sunrise. Those people will like it a lot!”

Already attracting Pre-Release attention for Kim Yang, ‘Dominoes‘ has been premiered on Triple J’s Roots N All with host Nkechi Anele.

Dominoes is a tune with a clear message and I quote Kim herself – “Have faith in yourself, focus on your journey, and navigate your way to your own success. Time is subjective, don’t rush and don’t be defeated”.

Dominoes has been officially released today, Friday 2 October 2020 on all your favourite streaming platforms.

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