Patient Lounge take me ‘Places’…

How lucky am I to get an invitation from the guys at Patient Lounge to preview/review their upcoming single “Places” due for release on September 24th  2020.

Of course, you know because I’ve been privy to a ‘sneaky peek’ this means that there will be no links in the blog post to the new release for you to enjoy yourself, so I’ll include some to their previous releases…8 days from the writing of this post until official release of ‘Places’…not so long to wait right??

Let’s begin…

By comparison to the last single Patient Lounge released (‘New Man’ which can only be described by me as bordering on the soft heavy metal side of genre’s), ‘Places’ is a Sunday Drive! Literally, it invoked a vision and feel of cruising through the countryside on a sunny afternoon with the top down and the wind turning my hair into a flowing mane.

The first 53 seconds start off with a little floaty instrumental to lure you into a comfortable space. There is a flurry of little twists and turns and not so much the alternative rock stylings of the group but still masterful representations of colour and skill. It’s light and airy like acoustic but yet it’s not acoustic and sits more just on the borderline of soft rock. This 53 second serves its purpose though in the scenario I described of invoking a ‘Sunday Drive’.

Enter the vocals of Zach Eather at 54 seconds and the instrumentals are scaled back allowing some smooth timbres to flood onto the scene in full focus. Eather has one of the most enjoyable and adaptable voices I’ve heard in the industry. His raspiness and rawness as pleasing as his melancholy tones.

I was surprised at the length of an instrumental interlude between vocal entries at 1.06. It was still keeping to the theme and progression of the track but for me just a little too long before vocal uptake again…It’s a personal preference of course and you may find your own analogy of it.

At 2.02 there’s a fade out to silence before a crescendo at 2.06 of the now evident rock stylings we are so familiar with from Patient Lounge. Bringing in the hooks and riffs engaging and encouraging us to participate and give ourselves over wholly…don’t forget my hairs a sweeping mane and by now I’m ready for my vocals to soar and my fake stardom to kick in….Lol

Are we looking for some ‘electromagnetic induction’? Found it at 3.21 where Eric Moors shines a little light through the trees. Seamless, mellifluous and steadfast in what turns out to be just a small flight before being lead back down at 3.56 – back down to the gentle breeze of lofty instrumentals with little flicks and twists that have been evident throughout the track.

Moving along to the ending of the track…Don’t expect a fade out to croon too! It’s sudden and abrupt – like it just ends…WTF??… I wasn’t ready that and of course that’s a masterful tactic from Patient Lounge because now I have to go back and do it all again and again and maybe even again!!

I’ve tried not to give too much away in this post because we’ll be getting a more in depth look at this track through an official press release in coming days…I’ll be posting it on Araminta’s Attic at the appropriate time.

Overall though, I enjoyed ‘Places’ for what it was and YES…I’d even venture as far forward as to say – When it drops it’ll make it onto my playlist. There’s more musical composition than vocal content but it works and there’s nothing wrong with hearing the skill sets of a group’s members to gain a more intricate knowledge of what they’re about and how they develops their unique sound.

‘Places’ is no less gratifying than any of the previous releases from Patient Lounge – it’s clean, solid, and full of texture and dynamics a testament to a band who know who they are and want to share it with the world.

Punters Perspective Score – 8/10

Find Patient Lounge here: 

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Spotify  |  YouTube  |  Triple J Unearthed  |  Twitter  |  SoundCloud  

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