The return of Araminta’s Attic!

Well here I am again after a short hiatus in writing and the madness of deleting entirely my first Araminta’s Attic Website out of pure frustration of what life was throwing my way.

I should have known better than to think I was done with my love of music and supporting those who deserved it through blogging, reviews and the likes. Not even the current COVID – 19 pandemic has dulled my senses that far.

I have realised that life just got too tough at one point in time and I was just plain tired and felt the content and time involved in writing my blog was overwhelming me – which it wasn’t – well maybe the time I was putting in was!

If your reading this then I’m grateful to have you here and hope you stick around as I begin to fill this new blogging platform with some of the previous content and some new content along the way.

I’ve learnt that I put too much pressure on myself to hammer out posts for everyone…so many requests…I’ll do my best but please guys – there’s just one of me! Things are going to be done differently this time around and whilst I will get around to helping everyone I can – there must be balance! Plus you know – sometimes I just want to be a fan in the crowd and not working…you get my drift right??

There’s still a lot to do in building this site to it’s former self so please bare with me – it’ll soon be looking ‘swish’ as ever.

While your waiting you can visit my Araminta’s Attic Facebook page and keep an eye on things there…or even visit my Instagram page to see pics both past and present…and for those of you who like Twitter – soz – you can count me out on that one!!

So once again – thanks for visiting if your new and thanks for sticking around if you’ve followed me for awhile. Here i go again….

Cheers Jenny

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