Come Alive with Aspy Jones…

In 2018 Aspy Jones bought us the quirky ditty “Madhouse” and then in 2019 the swagger and funk of “Not Good Enough” both of which can be found on his debut 2019 released EP ‘Tantamount’.

Enter 2020 and we have him extending his composition skills in the release of a new single ‘Come Alive’ which by all accounts falls between the above mentioned being a power pop song delivering a very serious message.

“Come Alive was written about women who I see, spending their lives trying to make other people happy but not thinking about their own happiness”, says Aspy, “I am surrounded by strong, independent women and it saddens me when I see other women who are not in control of their own lives and their future is in the power of someone or something else. I wrote this song to encourage them to be the person they want to be and I hope they find the strength to do that”.  

Come Alive - Artwork

Starting off in a demure tone with little more to focus on than Aspy’s voice small instrumental elements are added until we experience the full crescendo that makes this track a very likable and connective piece. I have to admit that it was easy for me to fantasize  a music video in my head to go with…lol…best I leave that to the experts though!

Moving forward from his successful debut release with the ‘Tantamount’ EP Aspy’s vocals appear to have strengthened and developed in the delivery of ‘Come Alive’. The risks he takes vocally to maintain and play with multiple registers really makes this single ‘Come Alive’. Credit should be given for high register highlights which are solid and on point.

Being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 8 Aspy is a unique character with multiple facets:

“Finding a place in the world is not easy for people with autism”, says Aspy, “And I was embarrassed for a long time, but now I think my different ability helps my creativity as a songwriter”. “Song writing is my life, I write songs to try and entertain, encourage or just to connect with people. I always feel really happy when someone says they relate to my lyrics”, says Aspy, “I also love messing around with the words and making them fit, it’s like a verbal game of Tetris”.

Aspy Jones 1

At twenty-two-years-old Aspy Jones is no stranger to entertaining crowds at venue’s and festivals across Queensland and he has achieved the honor of being a showcased artist at the 2019  Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference, Turn Up. 2019 is also the year he realised the success of having three songs from his EP ‘Tantamount  reach the top of the Triple J Unearthed Charts in Australia.

What’s the outlook for this single…well nothing if you all don’t get behind it and give it a listen? There’s nothing not to like with ‘Come Alive’ and I was pleasantly surprised by the journey it took me on. It’s a great little pop number with a noble acknowledgement through lyrical content of the struggles of being a modern woman. I’m sure once you hear it you won’t be able to resist a download or addition to your playlist!! 🙂

Come Alive is out now on all music platforms.

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