Wolf & Chain Debut Single Release – ‘Repent’

Bursting out with a teeth-sinking debut single ‘Repent’ (released March 13) are Adelaide’s freshest theatrical emo/ rock/ punk outfit, Wolf & Chain.

[Press Image] Wolf & Chain_March 2020

In this call to arms in their debut single ‘Repent’, Wolf & Chain put on display the quintessential of that which defines the best of the emo/ punk rock genre.

Seamlessly, the band have laced together an epic, story-driven track that continues to give something fresh and entertaining until the very last second.

The upbeat intro is warped into a thick, high-gain guitar-driven variation of the verse as frontman Jack Cumes belts out a dramatic performance mixed with crowd-addressing statements, melodic cries and gutsy screams. This gets broken up with some big full-band hits and fast-paced palm muting in the pre-chorus that build into the thrashed-out chorus.

Coming up for air the band use pick-slides and harmonics to transition into the next verse. The following chorus bends out into a bridge, featuring the opening riff played on acoustic guitar backed by on-beat clapping that gets heavier and heavier before busting back into the final chorus.

Although ‘Repent’ is part of a broader concept that will be revealed in the coming months, frontman, Jack Cumes touches on the meaning of ‘Repent’:

“It’s a call to arms summoning the cult to full formation, urging you to repent for what you’ve done and to punish others who do not. The song speaks to a part of me that felt like I needed to redeem myself and to extend that message out to anyone else lacking purpose.”

Despite the fact that Wolf & Chain are just releasing their official debut single, they’ve already entrenched themselves in the alt-scene where they’ve supported the likes of Blindman Death Stare, Bearclaw Camp  and Racoon City Police Department.

‘Repent’ is just the tip of the iceberg of what Wolf & Chain have in store for this first half of 2020.


Bandcamp | Soundcloud

FacebookInsta: @wolfandchainband | Youtube


(Content provided by Michael Gill – Kick Push PR)

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