Riff Raiders Rock ‘N’ Roll Daydream.

It’s a beautiful day to be a Melbournian! As I open my eyes and roll over toward my significant other and dreamily waft…. Wait no –Not today!!! Today you need to get your rockin’ socks on, it’s a day you’ve been waiting weeks for. “Get Up Girl”Riff Raiders release day is here!!!

February 18th, 2020 is the day Melbourne’s female led classic rock group Riff Raiders releases a double A-Side single with Best Day Ever/Loaded Gun along with the official videos. They are the first releases from the new album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream” due out in March 2020.

Riff Raiders debut album “Live Like You Mean It” garnered the band a stack of new fans and some nice reviews to boot: –

“The Gods of Aussie Rock would be proud…”Beat online

“a slinky, catchy, classy serve of gotta-have-it rock AND roll…”100% rock magazine

Straight off the get go though and just on listening to these two tracks I’m predicting bigger and better accolades and many, many more converts to the Riff Raiders camp.

Let’s have a look and listen to today’s releases….



This track is for those of you who indulge in the 80’s/90’s pop rock vibe, a bit in the Bangles vein but with heavier guitars. High energy and fun. The rhythms, accents and delivery of this track make it perfect for that saying “dance like no one’s watching”…it’s a trippy little number with all the flourishes of the bygone era and a great drive down memory lane for those of us old enough to remember. There are some fantastic instrumental highlights and of course the vocals are in true Jenni Powell style – strong, vibrant and intoxicating. The fun is mixed into the video with its use of Melbourne land marks, Powell’s metallic clothing and mannequins – it’s just a superb feel good track!!

Check it out below….


Having had the rock/pop covered we now hear a track that has some grunge effect and classic rock styling. Something we can get a little down and dirty with. Again, we hear Jenni Powell reach the inner depths of her vocal range and power it out in a big burst of energetic grit. This one’s a rockin’ out song! If you’re a Pink fan your going to hear the likeness in the tones of Powell. Bring to that blistering guitar solo’s and harmonies as well as heavy bass lines and well it’s just going to blow your socks off.

Check it out below….

With the Riff Raiders introduction of Ross Hetherington (Bodyjar, Dirt River Radio) on drums and the addition of Josh King on extra guitars and backing vocals and Ron E. Smith on bass in 2019, Riff Raiders have set themselves up for success! They join the very talented Marty Powell who now adds songwriting to his guitar and production skills and his wife Jenni Powell…the lady at the front with the sex appeal of a true rock chick! This band is not only on it’s way up in Melbourne but has the potential to power through any music scene they play in leaving fans waiting for more.

Both singles are available now on all popular streaming platforms – NOW!!

Of course, you’re going to lose some of the effect on listening to these production pieces as opposed to hearing and seeing it all fold out on a stage live because nothing is better than ‘LIVE’ right?!. Don’t despair…Riff Raiders have us covered with that one as well. Get on board the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Daydream Tour” … check out the dates listed below and get yourself to a gig PRONTO!!


Follow the Riff Raiders….

Website | FacebookSpotify | YouTube


(Graphics provided courtesy of Riff Raiders)



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