The SunBears Set Fire To My Heart!

Hailing from Canberra in the ACT, Australia are The SunBears. Their specialty – contemporary Australian Blues. All members – CC Hall (Vox/Guitar), Dylan Harding (Drums) and Craig Marshalsey (Bass) have played and recorded with international touring act “The Chesterfield Band”.

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Whilst on tour in 2019 with The Chesterfield Band in Europe the boys used their days off  to deliver their own style of “Power Blues” to  overseas audiences most notably in The Netherlands where they sold out shows. Once back on home soil and encouraged by their success overseas, The SunBears were born and they recorded their first EP – Rippin In.

Following the success of Rippin In and fast forwarding to 2020 The SunBears bring us their new single, video and tour  –  Set Fire To My Heart … (single and video released on 11th February 2020).

Set Fire To My Heart begins with a mesmerizing guitar intro the likes of which I would compare to Dire Straits classic Brothers In Arms.  The smooth tones glide along keeping the listener teetering on the brink with anticipation before evolving into more complex bluesy rhythms. The first minute of the single projecting clear, precise and emotive wizardry on the guitar…you could be forgiven for thinking you’d just taken a masterclass with Hall.

The tempo lifts and Marshalsey and Harding come forward to take their places each bringing their own strong individualistic skills and sound. The production exemplary in allowing for each of these instruments and musicians to have their own time and space in the limelight and not obscured from view.

Vocally, you’ll be pleasantly greeted by the warm, raspy and dare I say it – very sexy timbre of the lead vocals from Hall. Set Fire To My Heart is a love song! Vocally there’s emotion, tenderness, passion and there’s also yearning, angst and infatuation – all the elements that drive blues music and storytelling into an inclusive entity for the listener.

There’s no doubting the musical abilities and experience of this trio – The SunBears! They’ve produced a single that’s lyrically deep and personal, yet something everyone has had at one point, and developed music that echoes it. A perfect example of empowering blues at its best!

See below for tour dates and times….

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