Silly McWiggles and how she’s supporting the Australian Music Industry….

How do bloggers like myself adapt and change to trends, or seek out new additives to our already creative tasks?…The answer lies beneath this paragraph!!

Maybe we are feeling stale and looking for something new to both enhance our readerships life or indeed challenge our own perspectives on our blog topics – in this case – Australian Unsigned and Independent Musician’s. Where else are you going to get it but from other bloggers doing the same!

That doesn’t mean that every blogger is good at what they do or will have something to tickle your taste-buds and make you think – WOW!! Fuck…that’s cool!! Sadly a lot of them, whilst doing well in there own right don’t leave me with a thirst for more….perhaps even I’m one of those…but one can’t just sit by and troll out the same shit different day musings either. You’ve got to keep evolving your product.

This is my strategy in keeping my own musings fresh – read the blogs of other like minded people and see what works and doesn’t for me. I’ve read some really boring ones and some average ones but one that really shines for me is that of Silly McWiggles Blog.


Silly McWiggles is in a class of few, remember that “Wow! Fuck…that’s cool!!” I mentioned earlier. Silly McWiggles blog is overrun with it – I kid you not!! I have been reading every blog post since I discovered her. I love her style, the way she stays focussed on her topic, fills your head with all the important info but yet speaks to you matter of factly in a very small 5-6minute read….her opinions and research are DOPE!!

Things you’ll find in her self confessed “subjective” blog:-

  • (Amateur) pics & vids from live gigs I’ve attended over the years;
  • Tunes & music clips that have inspired me;
  • My thoughts & opinions on various music-related topics;
  • Playlists crafted by me;
  • Reviews;
  • Subjective rankings;
  • Interviews;
  • Info about & links to bands / venues / festivals / conferences / other blogs / articles & music events / concepts;
  • Aussie slang 🙂

(referenced from

My aim today in writing this post is to give credit to a blogger who I think deserves to be found. To inform my readership of another exciting and informative view in support of the Australian Music Industry. Silly is just like me – not a musician but a true fan and her writings are captivating and entertaining pieces of quality blogging…I enjoy them and so should you!!

Find out more about Silly McWiggles…. Blog  | Facebook



(pics courtesy of Silly McWiggles)

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