‘Astronomy’ – Cosmic Love bought to you by Katanak!!

Dylan Cattanach is the face and creator of Katanak and has been writing, composing and performing his music for the past six years, first with his former band and now currently as a solo artist.


In 2019 Katanak released his first single “Life” which was received well by the public and earned him some glowing reviews:-

“A one man boy band, Katanak’s romantic sentiments, charming and candid lyrics teamed with his velvet vocals, will leave listeners swooning by the time Life reaches its end”  – Mimm Steele, Music is My Muse

Life - 3000 x 3000 300 DPI

During the recording process of “Life” Katanak connected with Australian Composer Keir Nuttall via Sound Engineer Ben McCarthy. On hearing the bed of ‘Astronomy’ Nuttall was so excited and enthused with possibilities that he sought to collaborate with Katanak and produced both the lyrics and melody within 24hrs.  Katanak candidly revealing …‘Astronomy’ started out life as a song that was almost about to get swept under the rug because lyrics or a melody weren’t coming to me.

Astronomy was released on the 5th of February 2020 across digital platforms.

Katanak has a penchant for fresh indie tunes with catchy hooks and his new single ‘Astronomy’ holds true to his signature styling. It’s a story which charts the euphoric highs of meeting that person you have a connection with.

Katanak - Astronomy - 3000 x 3000

Instrumentally this track is ablaze with intertwined intricate and lacey melodies just wafting across the stronger bass lines. There’s a cool element of technological electronic sounds one would imagine you’d hear if you were floating up in space. Of special interest is the breakup at the outtake (3:08)….check it out!

Vocally and lyrically this song is strong with a heavy cosmic feel. Katanak uses a multitrack chorus as a hook. Vocal tones are blended into a fuzziness effect and they join together with the lacey melodies. It’s a very uplifting experience for the listener.

Overall Astronomy is a delight to listen too and for me the better of the two singles Katanak has released thus far. It appears that the collaboration of Kattanak and Nuttall is one that should be explored to it’s fullest in the future. Katanak has displayed his skillsets as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist and combined them with Nuttall’s lyrical prowess and melodies to make Astronomy a well rounded and exciting new release – one worthy of chart climbing success!!

Astronomy has already been picked up by overseas markets and has had a spin in Scotland via Bridge FM with presenter of the ‘Gee Force’ show Andy Gee giving his listeners his thoughts:-

“I love Astronomy! Absolutely adore that track. It’s commercial as hell.  If there is any justice in this pop-oriented world, that will be a worldwide hit.” – Andy Gee, Bridge FM 

IMG_3479 - 4032 x 3024

I heard through the grapevine that there is another exciting collaboration in the works. Katanak has teamed up with Louella Baldwin from Puddleduck Pictures to bring us a fitting music video for Astronomy… I’ll be looking forward to that one when it arrives.

Astronomy is out now on all your favourite streaming platforms.

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(Photo’s supplied courtesy of @the_catt20, @puddleduckpictures Louella Baldwin)



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