Cedarsmoke Release Music Video For ‘Pure Heroin’

Cedarsmoke have just released their new alt-rock single ‘Pure Heroin’ where they mixed rom-coms and punk-rock together in an ode to the tragic life of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

Now to pair with it, Cedarsmoke are dropping their very first music video – an explosion of colourful, psychedelic animation that explores the themes and lyrics of the track.

Made by the animator of Mindfuck Studios who goes by the name of Trippiestef, the illustrations help push this bittersweet and sombre story forward that at the same time is contradicted by the upbeat energy.

As ‘Pure Heroin’ is littered with historical and pop-cultural references, there are numerous iconic figures and taboo moments that are animated alongside to help poetically sum up this gloomy romantic tragedy comprised of love, drugs, murder and suicide.



Spotify | Itunes | Facebook | Soundcloud  | Bandcamp | Insta: @cedarsmokemusic

(Content provided by Michael Gill – Kick Push PR)

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