And so it begins with Dead Lazarus…

Who are Dead Lazarus?

They are four boys making waves in Canberra whose music sits within the Alternative Rock genre :- Stephen Farrell (Vox, Guitar), Michael Tozer (Vox, Guitar), Andrew Brown (Bass) and Peter Martel  (Drums).


If you head off to their Facebook page you’ll find this self description…

“We’re a Canberra based, four-piece stoner rock band that pulls a lot of influences from sludgy, dark, grunge and heavy styles of music. We’re still in our formative stages but we’ve got a set together and have popped our 1st gig cherry!

We play originals with a cover thrown in for good measure but we’re not scratching for material, as all four members are experienced playing in bands in and outside of the Canberra scene. The concept of our writing is centered around the “riff hungry” guitar driven rock, though as we work together over time, we’re confident that our style will expand and develop into something that can be easily identified with our group.”

Their first show was a monster – I know because I was there! It was at the Canberra Live Music Festival held at The Harmonie German Club in May 2019. It was a valiant effort by such a new formation and overall, they presented themselves well. They certainly raised the decibels with their alternative rock style. Since then they’ve scored gigs at The Moshpit and Zed Fest both in Sydney and a House Gig at 2410 Records in Canberra and continue to develop their own brand and style.

Thus far you can hear one of their tracks ‘Choose The One’ a true testament to the sludge and grunge style of their music on their Soundcloud page.


‘Choose The One’ starts off with a demure little 10 second intro before bursting into a full band array. From there instrumentally it’s a showcase of all that is Alternative Rock. The heavy chords, dirty riffs, developed beats. It’s tight and a sound that doesn’t fit into the mainstream genres of the current times. A breath of fresh air for those underground music fans among us!

Vocally, I felt that Farrell held back a bit…well a lot perhaps! His portrayal of the lyrics was clear and sincere but was missing the depth and growl that brings a truly unique connection in this genre. That being said, let’s not forget that this is a new partnership and one with plenty of exploration and growth to be had. There’s no doubt that Farrell can sing and front a band and that should not be overlooked.

What’s coming up for Dead Lazurus? They’ve dabbled in a few recordings with the team at 2410 Records in Canberra and have an album of material available which they’ll unleash when it’s ready and scored another invite to bill at the next Canberra Live Music Festival.

Take some time and have a listen to ‘Choose The One’ and follow Dead Lazurus on socials…when it all comes together they are going to be quite the dominant well-bred beast.

See Dead Lazurus ‘Live and Local’ at The Canberra Live Music Festival, White Eagle Polo Club, Turner, Canberra on December 14th from 6.40-7.10pm.

(Please note Canberra Live Music Festival starts at 2pm with a number of home grown Canberran bands playing until 11.30pm – see event details here )

Facebook  |  Soundcloud

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