[EP REVIEW] ‘Walk Like A Giant’ by Fiona O’Shea and The Passengers.

Fiona O’Shea and The Passengers (Fiona O’Shea – Guitar/Lead Vocals, Mark O’Shea – Guitars/Backing Vocals and Jeff Enchelmaier – Drums) are based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Their sound is best described as a little bit of country and a little bit of Rock and a whole lot of toe tapping fun! For a three-piece outfit they ‘pack quite a punch’!


Walk Like A Giant is a 6 track EP of pure Country Rock magic and the latest release since the EP “Rose” for O’Shea. All tracks on Walk Like A Giant were penned by O’Shea and she takes on the lead vocal and guitar playing throughout.

Having already been received well in it’s short time since release Walk Like A Giant garnered this response from Robert Mackay of Pacific International Music who said, “…love this EP. The record has a personality that is rare these days with great songs and a real band feel. It is what music should be.”

But do we feel the same way? – Let’s run through the tracks:

Big Bang – Certainly starts off that way…lol. Powerhouse vocals from O’Shea with her signature country drawl in play somewhat reminiscent of Dolly Parton but with more attitude. Lyrically it’s full of short and punchy wording until it’s drawn out over the chorus. Strength also ensues from the instrumental where there’s a great combination of chord play and guitar rifts provided. Tempo is held upbeat by the percussion element.

Little Red Riding Hood – This one was addictive and I failed to move on until I’d played it a few times over. It’s a fast-flowing true country style ditty that will have fans doing a little boot scooting around the bar so to speak. Some great vocal accents and crescendo’s make it all the more entertaining. Watch out for the gnarly guitar playing at the end of the track – short but impressive.

Meteor – I think this track was more about the instrumentals than the lyrics. It seems stripped back in lyrics by comparison to the ones before. I didn’t hate the song, but I didn’t quite connect either. The instrumentals remained strong and true with the tempo and this is where I found my place.

Daisy Chain – Think “Giddy Up Cowboy” with this one. The tempo, percussion and sound making you feel as though you’re in an old Western riding your horse across the plains or on a modern take I was reminded of a Johnny Cash feel. O’Shea again coming to the fore with her singing…simple but effective against the background.

Walk Like A Giant – These guys have switched it up again by introducing a  vibe emulating the dirty and grittiness angle of country rock. This piece is a statement making one that you can’t ignore. This would have to be described as the naughty track of the EP – think full bar of cowboys standing off…full of attitude, loved it – favourite track on the EP for me.

Throw Your Hat In The Ring – The last track on the EP and a great way to sign off. Some great guitar playing and shared vocals highlight the story. There’s an interesting musical interlude at the end where the lead guitar (electric) and drums carry the song for approx. ¼ min, and I really enjoyed that.

Overall Walk Like A Giant is a solid release by Fiona O’Shea and The Passengers. The lyrics and vocals are clean and pure and the musicianship tight. O’Shea demonstrates exemplary vocal dynamics which are supported by the backing vocals from The Passengers. The music itself is relentless in rhythm, tempo, texture and form. I can easily see this becoming one to have at the next ‘Hoedown’ or even blaring in the ute travelling across the farm…. it’s a lot of fun!!

Tune in to your local Country and Community stations to hear “Little Red Riding Hood” from December 3rd.

Review Score 8.5/10

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