Dorothy-Jane releases single ‘Speak Out’ telling children “Secrets aren’t for keeping if they don’t feel right!”

Paedophilia, the word that strikes fear and rage in the hearts of many! It’s defined as “sexual feelings directed towards children”.(

Imagine…You come home after running errands and walk in on a male adult, your life partner, committing this heinous crime on a young girl who has not yet reached her teenage years. The girl is a regular visitor to your home, and you are in disbelief of what you are seeing. Your world is shattered! You step in to save the child and only later do you learn that this is not the first time. Why didn’t she tell you? You worry over how she must be feeling about having this done to her by someone she trusted…why couldn’t she just tell you she was being hurt? Because she was told to keep it a secret or he’d go to jail!

“There must be a way to tell children that some secrets are not meant to be kept!” (Dorothy-Jane)

Dorothy-Jane is a Canberra based blues artist who has lived this very tale. Her soon to be released album “The Witness” is a chronicle of this era in her life where she saw her marriage torn apart by this one despicable desire.

On 29th November 2019, Dorothy-Jane will release the first single off ‘The Witness’ album – “Speak Out”.

The sultry and smokey tones of Dorothy-Jane’s vocals lay the foundations of hope in a message encouraging victims to come forward and ‘Speak Out’. Of note is that backing vocals are in part inclusive of children’s voices.

Not only does Dorothy-Jane take us from lows to highs with her vocal range but she provides some sweet bluesy harp playing. Having played for over 20 years, it’s seamless and on point and a great focal reprieve between verses.

The vocals combine with a funk ridden instrumental that is catchy yet let’s the message be heard. With the support of some of Canberra’s finest musicians the instrumentation sounds fat and full. It moves along with incredible fluidity through soft, muted tones to intense and powerful ones with the rhythm being fundamental to the musical impression.


“I love that this song is helping raise awareness for child safety and encouraging our youth to speak out if they don’t feel safe and don’t keep secrets if they don’t feel right. It has a really catchy tune and is easy to listen to. I hope it gets loads of air play and if it helps at least one child find the courage to speak out it will be a great thing.”  Jenny – (Jenny’s House Family Day Care)

The supporting vocalists for this project were: Krista Grünreich Kamprad, Johnny Huckle, Reidar Jorgensen, Finn Kamprad, Ali Penney and Rachel Thorne.

The core band for this project were: Ali Penney (keys), Ben Hoare (guitars), Matt Nightingale (bass) and Jack Barnard (drums). Guest musician: John Mackey (saxophone).

David Pendragon, in his role as producer at The Studio in Chapman, Canberra has supported and fostered the outcome of the single during the recording process. Dorothy-Jane herself reiterating that “The impact of his dedication to and belief in this project is immeasurable.”

“Very slick, well produced. Great vocal, great instrumentation (reminiscient of The Bamboos?).”  Meredith – (Mastering Engineer, Far Out Productions)

There is no mistaking that this single is about learning to ‘Speak Out’ and although the subject matter is unpleasant and confronting – this message can never be told enough!! Good on you Dorothy-Jane for taking up the fight!

“Secrets aren’t for keeping if they don’t feel right!”Speak Out single art“Speak Out” available on all popular streaming platforms from 29/11/19


Official Website  |  Facebook  |   Spotify  |  Instagram


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