Brisbane’s Cedarsmoke Release New Single – ‘Pure Heroin’

Making light of dejected, self-defeating and despairingly tragic stories, Cedarsmoke – Brisbane’s indie/ alt-rock 5-piece – have mixed Rom-Coms and Punk Rock in their new single ‘Pure Heroin’ released on November 15.

Earlier this year, Cedarsmoke released their charmingly gritty 6-track EP ‘Kicked Out Of Eden’ that, in their dark-humoured fashion, dabbled in the ambivalence of life, love and the profane.

“Infectious guitar licks and charismatic vocals, with a grunge twist”  (Music Is My Muse)

“Lyrics you don’t expect from artists so young. Cedarsmoke will be a band to watch.” (4ZZZ)

Now with their new, bittersweet single ‘Pure Heroin’, Cedarsmoke fittingly paint a new perspective on the tragic life and death of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

[Press Image] Cedarsmoke_Oct 19

Littered with historical and pop-cultural references for comparisons, Jon Cloumassis poetically sums up this gloomy romantic tragedy comprised of love, drugs, murder and suicide.

With rose-coloured glasses on, this punk-rock-ballad opens with keys and the husky vocals of Cloumassis before diving into the almost comical, contrasting chorus with bright synths, big band hits and the catchy lyrics such as, “Love hurts, yeah that’s what I heard”.

Mixing their pop-writing sensibilities with punk-rock, this single’s sombre story is contradicted by the upbeat energy – making this a riveting ode to the tragedy that will inexplicably stir emotions.

[Single Cover Art] Pure Heroin_Cedarsmoke

Single Launch

December 13 – Tomcat, Brisbane.

w/ The Belladonnas, Leichardt, Ghost Contest and Jordan Merrick



Spotify |  Facebook | Soundcloud
Bandcamp | Insta: @cedarsmokemusic


(Content provided by Michael Gill @ Kick Push PR)

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