[Album Review] Internal Monologue by Sally Chicane.

Internal Monologue is the debut album for Canberra’s alternative rocker’s Sally Chicane. Released in August of 2019 it can best be described as a combination of classic/heavy rock, punk and grunge sounds.

Sally Chicane is a four-piece outfit: – Kristy (Vocals/Guitar/Songwriting), Michael (Backing Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter), Andrew (Bass) and the newest member of the group Alicia (Drums). They take their lead from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Talking Heads, Jethro Tull and Smashing Pumpkins just to name a few.

On this album Kristy is a little ‘pocket rocket’ of exuding energy and her vocals are ‘slammin’ for want of a better word. On first listen I was reminded of the raw and crude sounds of Jo Kennedy of ‘Starstruck’ fame from the 80’s, typical of the garage band era. There are even moments when you can hear the late Chrissie Amplett’s (Divinyls) influence in the tones. I have to say that it’s a truly refreshing approach and made all the better by having a female lead.

I really enjoyed the contrasts in Track 4 – ‘Buy Me A Trophy’. The vocals switch between calm and clear messages to thrash tones impacting your peace. This is also reflective of the instrumental which starts of with a kind of relaxed funk vibe before slamming your head into a brick wall with heavy fast rhythm’s. You seem to move between these two zones throughout the 3:24min of the song and at the end even though you’re feeling dazed and confused, you just want to ‘rinse and repeat’!


Track 7, ‘Fade to Grey’ is the softer song on Internal Monologue but even then, it’s full of attitude and strength. The content is heartfelt in angst and pain similar to those crooning ballads, but the delivery sets it apart from those with a “Fight Response” – you know the character is standing strong and steadfast and the message is an unequivocal one.

‘Concrete’, Track 9, is where the instruments can be heard piece by piece or individually as one could say with each respective musician conveying their skill sets and experience. If you want to single out the bass lines and percussion, it’s easy and clear. If you’d rather listen to heavy riffs and sliding crescendos of guitars, it’s easy. It’s a clever dissection for the listeners ears even if it wasn’t meant to be. But do be warned – this track has explicit lyrics.

Internal Monologue is a great listen and the style of Sally Chicane is really revitalizing. It’s full of energy, that’s what I like most about it…it’s punchy, a ton of fun and very well produced. I can only liken it to putting a firecracker in a fire and watching it explode it into a million wonderful and electrifying particles….it really packs a punch!! I feel like I’ve had one big raucous party without even leaving my chair…BUT hey – I’m off to do it again…!!

Sally Chicane Website

Sally Chicane on Facebook

Sally Chicane on Bandcamp



(Pictures by Sharna Grahame Event Photography)

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