Willie Allen – A story of love, pain and injustice..told by Muddy Wolfe!

There’s a new song out today for Canberra based Muddy Wolfe. This is the first single release from their new EP Muddy Wolfe VOL 2 (release date TBA).

Based on ancestral connections singer Stevie Smith tells us:

My indigenous ancestry is only a couple of generations ago. Knowledge of my indigenous heritage was suppressed like many other families to avoid prejudice and not damage the family business.

Willie Allen was my great grandfather and he was killed in the early 1900’s by jealous white farmers after it was revealed he had union with my great grandmother who was an attractive Irish girl.

It is a sad story and is among many that are beginning to be brought to light about our history as we come to terms with the way the original custodians of the country were treated.

This track is a great blending of modern instrumental facets and traditional sounds. On listening I was transfixed by the story in the lyrics but come mid section when the lyrics drop off and the instruments take the lead – I had goosebumps!

There’s a full rounded sound with the inclusion of a horn section and a Didgeridoo player along with the confident sounds of Muddy Wolfe themselves. Stevie Smith’s vocals are enchanting and the mix done at 2410 Records brings it all together in a sublime 4.25min pleasure drop to the ears.

It’s called Willie Allen and it’s streaming here: www.muddywolfe.com


Megan King for photography

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