Brisbane’s Zero 1 Zero Poke Holes in the Atmosphere with “Eye in the Sky”.

In January this year I had the opportunity to review Zero 1 Zero’s new release single of the time – Dogs of War. A laden track of heavy metal origins making a ‘big bang’ in Brisbane’s Metal Scene.

Some few months later in July 2019, Zero 1 Zero released another single, Eye in the Sky’. A track that starts off presenting in a hard rock format but with surprises in store for the listener.


It’s true, as I listened to the opening notes it did indeed sound like a track the likes of which you might find on an album by perhaps ‘Seether’ or ‘Hinder’. I enjoyed traveling along with the story and accompanying instrumentals not expecting what came next! Seemingly out of nowhere, BAM – I was hit with a chorus of thrash metal vocals. I was like..OK..there they are the band from Dogs of War. At this point I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not but that just means you need to listen to it, more right??

It took a couple of spins for me to relax into the impending power that the chorus projected and I found myself immersed in the depth of scorching vocals that Chris Miller supplied. From this point the penny kind of dropped and I enjoyed the textural differences between gentle rawness of the verses and the immersive purposefulness of the chorus.

I think it has to be acknowledged that to release a single in this format is going to lose you some fans and win you some others but as a whole it’s a brave risk that works well for the direction of Zero 1 Zero.

As usual the band are tight and know exactly where to hit the heights helping the vocals ‘punch holes in the atmosphere’ during the chorus and supporting the ebb and flow of the verses.

If you are a true pure metal fan, then ‘Eye in the Sky’ is going to disappoint but if your on the other hard rock end then this will be a track you’ll well want to explore with the possibility of putting it on your playlist.

I look forward to hearing more from Zero 1 Zero and seeing what their experimentation brings them in the future. For now, though I think they are well on a path of self-discovery and they are doing it with gutsy balls and stepping outside the box metal artists are so often confined too.

Don’t just go with your gut on this one…spend time to get involved and take from it what you will!


(Feature  Image courtesy of Renee Barlow Scarlet Harlotte )

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