Kinematic to Unleash New Single “Cookie Cutter” @ Red Betty in Melbourne…

In July 2019, Kinematic bought us the delightful little ethereal sounding single “Two”.  It gave us all the warm and fuzzies we needed for those wintery blues. Even if not in reality, your mind transcended to that room with the fire going, the hot chocolate in the hand, the ‘chillax zone’ in everyone’s heart. You could hear the influences of one of Kinematics favourite supergroup’s – “The Flaming Lips”.

Fresh off the back of that single Kinematic are about to unleash their new single “Cookie Cutter” which will destroy your ideals from the former single but in the best way possible.

Who doesn’t like a bit of grunt in their music, that sullied sound and that moment when you can pull out your best air guitar? Soaking up “Cookie Cutter” gives you that all around experience.

Right from the get-go the pulse is ingrained into your being, relentless and driving, the ever constant in the track. When it combined with the vocals I was transported back to an era where The Kinks headlined and were one of the most influential bands – The Sixties! The life giver to the classic rock genre.

Whether this was the intent of Kinematic or not I couldn’t tell you BUT it fits and there’s nothing about the union of a sound from those times from a band like Kinematic that is off key and that I didn’t like. They’ve done a crackin’ job of keeping it in the zone.

Remember the air guitar moment? This is where the little twist comes in with some techniques not readily heard in the sixties shining their light. You can find this delectable little 13 second treat at 1.17min into the track….I’m not going to say too much – best to have your own experience.

Kinematic are an unsigned and independent Australian group from Melbourne in Victoria. As such they do everything from writing to marketing their own compositions and stick it to the big guns by having the freedom to do it in their own unique way.

Kinematic have allowed “Cookie Cutter” to be heard on local community radio channels pre-release and it’s the only place you’ll hear it until that time.

When “Cookie Cutter” is released it will be going straight onto Araminta’s playlist. It exudes character reflective of  good, clean solid rock and deserves your attention.

WHEN will it be released??? Check the poster below!! I’m certainly going to be there.

I’ll be following up with an interview with Kinematic after the single launch so make sure you check back for that one, these guys are awesome and have a story that’s both interesting and needs to be told in their words!

If you want to know more about Kinematic and their music beforehand visit their official website: OR follow Kinematic on Facebook




(Feature Image credit to Jo)

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