Faux Bandit Release EP ‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’


Friday 2nd August 2019 marks the release of Faux Bandits third EP  – ‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’.

Four short weeks ago, the band gave up their first taste of the new 5-track EP with the release of the single ‘The Pros and Cons of Object Permanence’. It showcased their rage-fuelled, cynical humour with the welcomed addition of a third member, Zac Sakrewski on Bass.

So successful was the result of this release it garnered adulation from some formidable critics:-

“This barges through the gates like a bull on the loose” 
(Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) 

“They’ve been slamming out an uncompromising brand of raw rock ‘n’ roll” (Pilerats)

“A cocktail of raw vox and slinky riffs, hammered into a groove” (Tone Deaf)

[Press Image] Faux Bandit_May 2019

The Ep’s title track none other than the aptly named ‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’ requires a content warning albeit for the chorus. This track is a examination of  Faux Bandit’s dry -wit as they take stabs – musically and lyrically – at the Rock’n’Roll celebrity lifestyle.

‘Do Better, Be Better’ follows as quickly-spoken-word verses. The context of the lyrics highlighting corrupt nature of government and society in shaping how individuals can and cannot live in modern society.

The third track, ‘Intruder Blues’ is short and sweet. There is an ease up in tempo but the typical Faux Bandit aggression is maintained through harmonics and noise.

Following in similar fashion as ‘Intruder Blues’ – having an emphasis on each beat – is ‘Sad’. Aligning with the fitting title, the vocal melody is layered in darkness and conflict and runs throughout the verses before ascending into the choruses. There’s a nifty little refrain from the angst at the 1.25 mark before the onslaught kicks in again at around 1.50 – great textural imbalance.

Faux Bandits styling is perfect for those who teeter between hard and indie-rock genres or even into the heavy alternative…these guys cover a lot of ground! Spearing beats, big distorted slides and feed-back looping are some of the elements employed to provide the listener with blasting immersive hits.

‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’ sees Faux Bandit dominate power and influence in their very own sound that pushes their rock and rage as a hardened and unyielding energetic force.

To celebrate the release of the EP, the bandits are on tour throughout August and September, playing 7 shows …

[Tour Poster] Faux Bandit

‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’ is available now on your preferred streaming platform – SpotifyItunesSoundcloud

Follow Faux Bandit on Facebook  and Instagram

For media enquiries and interviews availability contact Michael Gill @ Kick Push PR

(Article wording provided by Michael Gill – Kick Push PR and Jenny Syratt – Araminta’s Attic)


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