The Secret Of ‘Like Foxes’…

Like FoxesHuh? Who? Yep, yet another band that I’d not previously heard about from Canberra’s live music scene! Seriously folks – I’ve been in our nations capital for a year now and I feel like I’ve only lightly scratched the talent pool thus far.

According to their Facebook page – Like Foxes is a DIY indie/math/rock band from Canberra, Australia. Known best for twinkly guitar tones and a hyperactive rhythm section. Like Foxes on Facebook

Their page also tells me that the band members names are Jimmy, Jono, Luke and Toby! Let you in on a secret – I know who Jimmy is…none other than James Ashley who I have had the pleasure in seeing perform in the cover band ‘Sliverchair’ but alas the other lads are unknown to me.

I also checked out their Bandcamp Page which made me chuckle…honestly, the description of their music reads like this – Songs about feelings and junk. You’re probably better off listening to sad cats wanting to be fed… Like Foxes on Bandcamp


Let’s see what they bring to the billing of the first ‘Canberra Live Music Festival’ to be held at The Harmonie German Club. Big, big list of artists on a multitude of professional levels in action today – I can’t wait!

Takes awhile between sets to set up any of your gear that isn’t shared at these events but finally all is in readiness and the boys come out of the gate with reserved gusto.

My ears detect a technical issue with the sound…it’s hard to hear the vocals at all! Whilst this lends itself to the pure definition of ‘Math Rock’ where the vocal is treated as another sound – this was way overdone..let’s hope the tech. fixes that in a hurry!

So I have 4 names but as I’ve said I only know one of the band members so I’ll have to just describe what’s happening using their instruments as a focus point.

The ‘Hyperactive Rhythm’ section of Like Foxes; This is where I am privy to the different techniques in Ashley’s skill sets as an accomplished drummer. Indeed in contrast to his usual flamboyant drumming style I see him reign in and construct a more refined and definitive approach to the original tracks. He produces snappy, tight, blasts of beats which fill the room.

In toe with Ashley is the Bass player. The Bass sounds Mid-Heavy and wasn’t what I would term aggressive but more with projection. Certainly in unison with the percussion. The musician himself obviously giving the rhythm a thump but visually appearing to be on some other hypnotic planet we were lured into.

Like Foxes moved through their set providing us with renditions of seven tracks:-

1. Hooks
2. I’m sorry, All I hear is Wah!
3. Cigars and Stars
Jam (musical interlude)
4. Bright and Early
5. We learn in time
6. New Song
7. Black Sky

Throughout these we see the two other band members share role of lead and interchange their skills to suit each track. They came with the commonality of flourishes, riffs and fretwork yet both musicians had a distinctive style all of their own. To my ears one providing the shimmery and shiny aspect and one providing the rich and velvety aspect. In unison a well rounded and enjoyable lush dynamic sound full of complex timing changes and key changes.

I have to give these boys an A+ for originality and sticking to their genre and also say “I’d rather listen to you than the sad cat wanting to be fed”…LOL. There’s some good strong structural songwriting happening within the group. Unfortunately, in this instance the sound issues let down the vocals and they were to me too low and soft in the mix even for this genre.

Did I enjoy this performance?? Absolutely…and so did the audience members showering the band with congratulatory whistles, claps and nods of approval. Remember the name ‘Like Foxes’…look for them on your local gig guides and most of all turn up and see what they are all about. If their journey is anything like ‘Math Rock‘…there’s going to be a lot of exciting twists and turns – support ‘live and local’.

Check them out on YouTube…




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