[Single Review] ‘All You Want’ by Patient Lounge

Genre: Pop, Prog Rock

Release Date: 19th April 2019

Formerly formed as Therapist in 2016 and debuting as Patient Lounge in 2019 are Brisbane based four piece rock outfit – Zac Eather (Vocals/Guitar), Eric Moor (Lead Guitar), Tom Logan (Bass Guitar) and Nick Keogh (Drums).

The debut single ‘All You Want’ from Patient Lounge has already received some great reviews from notable sources thus far and the boys have done a tour to promote both the new release and their music :-

“Their music is unlike anything else currently making the rounds; it’s rooted in hard rock, but navigates myriad sonic territories.”
(Happy Mag, 2019)

On first listening to ‘All You Want’ I needed to stop not quite making it all the way  through as it cluttered my perceptions with a mish-mash of styles…I was in a lounge bar, then a metal concert, back to the lounge bar all joined together by instrumental filled passages. It was like nothing I’d ever heard before! Of course this only encouraged me to listen to it again and yet again.

Lyrical contexts within the track such as “there’s nothing I can say, all you want is nothing to change” leads one to the conclusion that ‘All You Want’ is a longing for more than what is already on offer.

I found ‘All You Want’ to bring me everything a story should in terms of the lyrical content and Eather had a good grasp of tonality when singing them presenting textures vocally that enticed a closer listen.

By the third time, I was starting to connect with the music and getting a sense of where the group were coming from as the band presented a mix of genres for which they are well known including rock, metal and pop to produce a complex song with a propulsive feel. Proof that Patient Lounge have a penchant for variety and perhaps this is only the beginning of what they have in store for us.

Instrumentally, there is no doubt there are a lot of flourishes and genre shifting aspects throughout but the sound is crisp, clear and strong. You can take nothing away from these boys in terms of their musical abilities on their prospective instruments.

Personally, I’m on the fence with this one…whilst I enjoyed each part both lyrical and instrumental, put together…that puts me on the fence! I definitely have to be in the mood for something in this styling and I have to admit that I find it confusing to have so much going on in so many areas and on so many levels all at the same time.

All that being said I have to commend Patient Lounge for breaking the mold, for bringing such a bold and surprising piece of music into the mainstream and shaking it all up! If you’re going to go hard – this is definitely the way to do it!

The best thing to do is to have a listen to ‘All You Want’ and see what you take away from it….

Patient Lounge on Spotify

Patient Lounge on Facebook





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