[Album Review] ‘Clarity of Chaos’ by Clarity of Chaos

Release Date: 1st May 2019

Genre: Metal

Clarity of Chaos hail from Canberra in Australia and are a 5 piece metal outfit – James Dohm (vocals), Toby Lagan (Guitars), Timothy Whalan (Guitars), Kris Farrant (bass) and Darren Mead (drums).

Their sound has been described by themselves as ‘delivering a bottom heavy groove oriented sound that can be best described as New Wave Australia Metal. Drawing upon a variety of genres and adding a modern twist, Clarity of Chaos produce an energetic and unique modern metal’ ( https://www.facebook.com/pg/Clarity-of-Chaos-698315407088393/about/?ref=page_internal )

There’s no denying that from the beginning your world is turned upside down into a mad frenzy of blistering beats, riffs and superb growling vocals. If you don’t have the stamina for a good metal feed’ then this album is not for you and if you are a true metal fan then this album can only be described as ‘metal heaven’….something to play repetitively and to feel energized and connected to.


Of the ten tracks on the album, three particularly stood out to me and I contacted James Dohm to find out more about the ideals and influences in the composition of lyrics and combined them with my own experiences to give you an overall view…

‘Release from Agony’ (4/10)

James:  I stepped carefully round an aggressive , violent situation of an unreasonable old friend/partner (can be taken either way) and every time you see or remember the person or situation memories still haunt you and you want the pain to go away.

Jenny:  “Haunted by your memories” (beginning lyrical phrase) …Well that’s obviously a hook that everyone relates too! I’ve certainly gained some insight into this from past relationships. Above the lyrical message though and what really stands out is the fervent beats cascading over the melodies expertly delivered by Mead. He provides an energy on those drums that just ‘goes off’ and the precision locking in by Farrant just makes it all the more tantalising.

‘Stand Alone’ (8/10)

James:  First song Clarity ever wrote. Standing up for everyone and everything you believe in just to find our its all a bit pointless as the realization that no one cares and you like everyone dies alone .

Jenny:  This track was of interest to me because I felt it bridged across three metal sub genres and I couldn’t park it comfortably within one of them alone. It provided a multitude of textural highlights. If you are familiar with your sub genres…which one is it – Death Metal – fast tempos and growling vocals, Heavy Metal – bolting guitar work and lyrical display of a liking for the dark side of humanity or Thrash Metal with it’s aggressive percussion and guitar riffs?? Of course perception is in the ears of the listener!

‘Bring back the tide’ (9/10)

James:  This is a song with the Kracken in it. This was from a idea of where the gods of the land imprisoned the Kracken on land for 1000yrs where he craves the touch of water that the mind is slowly corroded.  The water eventually rises up and floods the land where the Kracken is free and seeks revenge and kills the gods that imprisoned him.

Jenny:  I have to admit that this is my housework song on the album…I kid you not! I can be found in the kitchen over the sink banging my head along with the rhythm and flow of this track or dusting with my air guitar (Lagan and Whalan wannabe…lol). We won’t discuss my vocal prowess or lack there of…Dohm has it covered! This track is just super epic in all proportions…love, love, love it!!!

More than just those three beauties and of course Clarity of Chaos in their own right as metal masters, is the listening pleasure. Crystal clear vocals and crisp instrumentation is evident and usually this is lacking on albums in this genre where it’s generally mashed together. We can thank Jack Buchanan and his mentor David Pendragon over at ‘The Studio’ in Chapman, Canberra for lending their expertise in recording and producing this festival of original and empowering metal.


What are you waiting for metal fans? This album is a fusion of textures, ideas, sounds and massive creative energy…a quality composition and there’s seven more tracks for you to explore!

In the words of Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins…Heavy metal is a universal energy — it’s the sound of a volcano. It’s rock, it’s earth shattering. Somewhere in our primal being we understand.


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