Aspy Jones Releases Debut EP – Tantamount

Following the release of his singles ‘Hatches’ and ‘Madhouse’ which topped the Triple J Unearthed Charts in 2018, Aspy Jones has released his long awaited debut EP ‘Tantamount’ which was funded by the Regional Arts Fund and the Regional Arts Development Fund and was produced by Brisbane based producer James North.

‘Tantamount’ features five very different tracks which showcases Aspy’s talent for songwriting across different genres – Child’s Play, Not Good Enough, Dearest Friends and the afore mentioned Hatches and Madhouse.

56532463_2415045845213712_3495719657975840768_oAlong with the EP he has also released the track ‘Not Good Enough’ which highlights the self-doubt that people face when trying to reach their goals. It’s in this song that we hear Aspy explore a rougher and edgier vocal with great success. The vocal colouring of emotion within this track connects with the listener on a personal level and provides a pleasing textural element. – “It’s a very relevant song to go with the EP release because I’m always battling negative thoughts about my career”, says Aspy “But my passion has always been songwriting so I always pour my heart and soul into all my songs”.

‘Dearest Friends’ is my favourite song on the EP.  The acoustic introduction sets the mindset for a gentle easy listen. All the way through the instrumentals hang behind the importance of the lyrical message not overshadowing with complicated riffs or accents. It’s simple, direct and heartfelt in delivery. – “Dearest Friends’ was a very difficult song to write”, says Aspy “It’s about telling people who you are close to exactly how you feel about them. It’s easier than it sounds mainly because I’m a person who would rather die than tell people how I feel. I’m the original Tin Man” , he laughs.57106714_343195169734693_2171252632671223808_n

‘Child’s Play’ hides no secrets. It’s musical composition which is light and boppy in conjunction with the lyrical content reflecting child like responses to adult situations. Indeed the phrase ‘Nah-Nah’ which makes more than one appearance in the lyrics reminds us of the ultimate tease phrase we mastered as children and applies it competently in context. – Aspy explains “Child’s Play is about break-ups. We’ve all been there. Haha It’s about how childish people suddenly become.”

‘Tantamount’ is a brilliant all original conceptional piece from Aspy Jones most notably for the inclusion of five distinctly different tracks showcasing his songwriting abilities. It’s an innovative, introspective view into the different aspects of adult life each track with it’s own well developed personality.

Musical dynamics provide colour and depth without the need to be bogged down in weighty arrangements and rhythms. Lyrical content is honest and forthcoming and delivered with clarity in the developing theme.

‘Tantamount’  is a solid debut EP from Aspy Jones enveloping serious messages with playful musicality. I enjoyed the change up in genres and tempo’s as well as the simplistic vs more technical elements of individual tracks. As the age old adage says “Variety is the spice of life” and so it is with ‘Tantamount’…enjoy!

‘Tantamount’ is available on streaming platforms now – Click here to get your copy


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