[Single Review] – ‘Years Behind Me’ by Silver Citizen

Released: 18th April 2019

Silver Citizen are a three piece Alternative Rock outfit based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Members are :- Jimmy Wenham on lead vocals/guitar, Andy Kellie (Blind Lucy) on bass/vocals, and David “Double Kick Dave” Hensler (Apate) on drums.

They combine sounds with influences from the Alternative Rock, New Age, Hip Hop/ Rap Rock and Pop genres delivering charismatic vocals, impassioned lyrics and an alluring and multiform repertoire.

The band themselves date back to 2016 when they released their first single ‘Why We Plunder’. They followed this with a cover of Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ in 2017 after which they released to new singles in 2018 – ‘Now We Groove’ and ‘Cut You Off’.

‘Years Behind Me’ is Silver Citizen’s fifth single. Running for 5min 18 sec it is a gluttony of  exquisite hard hitting and heartrending vocals, weighty riffs and powerhouse authoritative rhythm.

The story is  a distinctly heartfelt account and/or reflection depending on your perception of previous relationships. ‘Yearning’ and ‘languishing’ are the key emotions to this track which was written by Jimmy Wenham.

The introductory 32 sec instrumental intro leads you to a path of angst and depth of emotion through lyrics such as “When I look into your eyes, I can see all of the years behind me” and “Still they haunt me”. 

There are various shades of dark that seamlessly shape shift from beginning to end with a series of crescendo’s making this track worthy of being compared to best-selling music. As I listen I find myself thinking Linkin Park. Wenham’s tone is different to  Bennington’s of course, missing some depth and not as mature but his delivery, drive and commitment to vocals are on the same par and the rest will come with experience. In addition, Kellie’s backing vocals provide some really interesting highlights which can be enjoyed on a different level to the lead vocals.

Instrumentally, for a three piece outfit, Silver Citizen pack a punch that’s too hard to ignore. The musicianship of Kellie and Hensler bonds together to produce a rhythm bomb, well rounded and well executed on all levels.

For me, this is the sweet spot for Silver Citizen. This is the song that stands out from previously released singles. This is the sound that draws me in and this is the performance that holds me within it’s grasp only letting me go long enough to press play again.

Right from the first spin I was hooked and there’s been plenty more spins since then! Fantastic track, fantastic sound, fantastic band…There is only one way forward for Silver Citizen and that’s ‘UP’!

‘Years Behind Me’ is available now for listening on digital platforms. A corresponding video for ‘Years Behind Me’ is available on YouTube.



Follow Silver Citizen:-

Silver Citizen Website

Silver Citizen on Facebook

Silver Citizen on YouTube

Silver Citizen on Spotify




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