KIM YANG – ‘A flowing space to rest your mind’.

I recognised Kim Yang’s name as being that of a member of Canberran band ‘Muddy Wolfe’ but like all musicians she has her own solo endeavours outside of that role to explore.

Tonight Kim is the support act for a fellow musician’s EP launch and it’s a great opportunity for me to see her in an acoustic setting rather than a band format.

The venue is Beyond Q Books at Western Creek in Canberra and it’s perfect for this type of performance – quiet and intimate! There’s a full house for this event but it’s cosy and not so crowded that you can’t move.

Kim sits on a stool in front of a large bookshelf full of volumes of what look to be ‘Mills and Boon’ love stories and somehow even that backdrop seems fitting for tonight.

The set starts with What Have I Done? Kim looks small and diminutive sitting in front of us yet her voice is strong and with great textural clarity. She really makes you feel the lyrical context of the story as she delivers an almost flawless introductory insight into her being.

An accomplished multi instrumentalist Kim switches from her Acoustic Guitar to a Ukulele for the next song – ‘Spring Breeze’. I’m not so fussed on the sound of the Ukulele but  have a very healthy appetite for Kim’s vocals. Her transitions are smooth and effortless.

From this we move on to a song I recognise well – ‘Life Of A Working Man’. Kim wrote this song as a music project and it was embellished in Muddy Wolfe style and released on their Debut EP ‘Muddy Wolfe Vol 1’. Tonight however Kim has stripped it back to it’s bare bones, it’s simplistic instrumentally but technically robust vocally and  we see Kim’s vibrato range soar and provide elements of dark and stormy yearning for loved ones.

Kim tells the audience of a time when in her native Taiwan she won a talent contest but didn’t pursue the opportunity due to the percentages paid when locked into a 7 year contract and we can honestly say we are glad she didn’t as well.

We move on through the set with ‘Bath Song’ and ‘Missed Chance’ and she holds us all encapsulated in the beauty of her voice. It’s a wonderful atmosphere, a flowing space in time to rest your mind!

To end the night we hear Kim’s title track from her upcoming EP – ‘Ocean of Mind’. This song’s story is one of unconditional love between Kim and her husband. I’d like to tell you more but I think it better for you to visit her Facebook page and hear it for yourself…find it here – Ocean of Mind Preview . Kim’s EP launch will take place at Beyond Q Books on 11th May 2019 so you might want to bookmark that date for something special.

I think Ocean of Mind is only the beginning for Kim Yang. Her engaging and captivating folksy style and her professionalism combined will see her achieve far reaching goals as both a solo artist and a band member with Muddy Wolfe.

I hope you enjoy this snippet from the night – ‘Life of a Working Man’.

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