‘Early Days’ for The Chesterfield Band

The Chesterfield Band are one of those outfits that is increasing their presence in the Australian Music Scene at a reasonably fast pace. The recent release of their debut EP ‘Early Days’ has provided them with both a local touring opportunity and an international touring opportunity 6 gigs in length in the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands.

There’s been quite a bit of attention to this group in the local music scene here in Canberra and tonight I’m at The Mawson Club and about to see The Chesterfield Band for the first time.

All chairs are allocated to punters and those who got here just that little bit before the start of the show are needing to stand and there is limited wall space for that as well given the crowd number.

The Chesterfield Band take the stage, lead by father and daughter duo Cam and Tess Hall, they launch into action. Cam inspires our inner beings with some great guitar work before the voice of Tess draws us away.

I’m instantly absorbed by Tess’s tone, soft and mellow and the delivery is well controlled and pleasant to listen too. In some moments she reminds me of Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) and she’s accomplished in producing the indie/roots vibe that The Chesterfield Band are noted for.

Cam takes on a secondary role vocally providing harmonies and background highlights but it’s his enthusiasm in his craft that’s most evident. I see the moves, the motivation and the love inspired by artists from the past in his delivery. It’s clear his music is his heart. At one point he surprises me by leaping off the stage and playing it up to the crowd before rejoining the group on stage…such a cool character!!

The music is good, it’s clean and the band themselves are entertaining. There a couple of younger listeners filming events from the dance floor on their phones and a couple of photographers moving around snapping shots too. The punters are attentive and provide applause and cheers at the end of each song.

On stage also are, Dylan Harding on drums and Craig Marshalsey on bass guitar. As is the case with most stage plots and because of the size of the kit Dylan was hiding towards the back and it made it near impossible for me to get good shots of him (apologies Dylan). His drumming was intuitive to the needs of the vocals and the tracks performed and his sound was crisp. Similarly, Craig was integral to providing a good rhythmic foundation for each track a role he carried with ease.

Among the set listing are those songs on the Debut EP – Home, Our North Star, Imagining Nothing At All, Standing Still, If It Doesn’t Hurt and If You Love.

We are able to purchase the EP here at the show and I did so with the intention of writing a review when time permitted…but it’s a great EP and if you want to hear it before that arrives – head off to their website and take a listen.

Although I’m wasn’t familiar with the bands work beforehand, I really enjoyed their set tonight. I can see why they are garnering interest and it’s great to see independent bands who can hold their own without any extra bells and whistles.

Tonight I feel was an honest indication of who The Chesterfield Band are – that of those who stay true to their genre, who can bring you love, heartache and joy all on one night in a simplistic but effective way.

It may be ‘early days’ but I’m betting those days won’t last long for this group and their fan base both on shore and off will commit to a long term relationship with their music.




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