[EP Review] ‘Muddy Wolfe Vol 1’ by Muddy Wolfe

Genre: Indie/Blues
Released: March 2019

Muddy Wolfe are a 6 piece  Indie/Blues rock outfit based in Canberra, ACT, Australia. A multifaceted group strong in both musicianship instrumentally and vocally. They have developed their own unique sound blend by bringing together influences through performing covers from such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Black Keys. Crossing many genres – rock, blues, jazz,folk, country and gospel – Muddy Wolfe deliver to a range of fans taste’s.

The first track of a 5 track EP is ‘The Sun Also Rises’ and it had me feeling like I was on a soft and gentle ride, a floaty and aloof one with a track sitting squarely in the indie/ blues genre. Instrumentally I was floating along with the groove but lyrically you realise this is a painful song addressing the complexities of being in love. There are some really solid guitar highlights intermixed with smooth backing vocals which makes this piece a perfect starter for an EP  themed in entirety around the working class man and his experiences with love and sometimes loneliness.

Track 2‘Hideaway’ switches genre to a true country vibe and leads us through a confession of love from a distance and you can almost feel the pain of the degrees of separation first hand…a totally relatable real life experience!

Track 3‘Lonely But Not Alone’ – Something has changed in delivery of this track and it’s for the better to my ears. There is a definitive connection between lead vocalist Steve Smith, instrument and listener from this process. There’s no doubting the blues genre as we hear the soulful tones and purposeful riffs supported by some great organ playing bringing the whole track a cut above those we’ve heard so far. The vocal tones of this track lead me to think of Harry Connick Jr. in his suave and sophisticated ‘cool cat’ presence.

Track 4 and the first single release from the EP ‘ Life Of A Working Man’. There is no doubt in my mind why this track was chosen as the one to launch the EP. It’s heavy weighted at the blues/jazz end and more intrinsic and immersive than the previous which now seems to have been just a taste tester albeit a quality one.

It’s here that we see Steve Smith take a step back and vocalist Kim Yang shine. I had an informal chat with Steve about this track and he tells me –

“Life of a Working Man was written by Kim. I heard the demo of it from Kim’s personal Soundcloud page and thought we should try it in Muddy Wolfe because it was a minor blues with a cool vibe and great melody. She wrote it for a CIT music assignment I believe and she didn’t think it was anything special. I came up with the riff and a new groove to the tune and Jonah came up with the key change at the bridge.”

Amazingly, only a short time after release, this single has already reached the #19 position on Triple J’s Unearthed Roots Charts and featured on the playlist for their ‘Roots n All’ program. So Kim…pretty sure this is a special song!!

Track 5‘Lovers’…Here is where we end the journey! There’s a little quirkiness in the beginning of this track where we seem to start in an somewhat stripped back introduction to be suddenly flicked forward into a blues rock zone with depth instrumentally but still tickling the indie bone vocally…but hey – my perception and yours might be totally different!

I’ve only given you a short snippet of what you can expect to hear from Muddy Wolfe and this EP. There are so many enjoyable layers and facets for you to explore as a listener and our pure diversity by nature will lead to a different experience for each of us….who am I to spoil it for you!

What now…well, I’m heading over to their website www.muddywolfe.com to purchase a hard copy of the EP  but for those of you who prefer the digital approach you’ll find it on all the usual streaming channels within the next couple of days… OR…You can attend the EP LAUNCH PARTY on 9th March from 3pm to 6pm @ Smith’s Alternative, 76 Alinga Street, Canberra ACT… 🙂

Muddy Wolfe on Facebook

Muddy Wolfe on Soundcloud

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