ALBUM EP REVIEW: Katie J White by Katie J White

Genre: Pop/Rock/Funk
Released: Early 2015

This is one of the most solid debut Australian original recordings I have ever heard in a long time. Katie is from Denmark, Western Australia, which is a remote area in southern WA.
Katie-and-II met Dan (centre) & Katie (right) at an acoustic gig they played in Brisbane as part of her Aus. wide tour in September 2018. I purchased this CD from her at the gig and have become totally bewitched by it. And BTW it is nothing like what I heard at the gig.

Katie’s vocals are low key & sultry, but she can growl and pounce like a panther. Each track is a unique blend of rock, pop & funk with a twist of reggae rhythm which is a credit to her strong writing skills. This EP transports you into the shadows, into the light, rock out, get funky and slide into smooth coolness.

Katie on stage with dogKatie, wrote, arranged, & sings all tracks, plus plays fret-less electric bass. Her faithful dog seems to always accompany her performances. So adorable!

Sonically the recording has good dynamics; well-balanced staging with breathing space for all the instruments & Katie’s vocals to be enjoyed. If you cannot tell by now I am a bit smitten with this EP and I have listened to it more times than I can remember.

I medicate with music and this is some of the best medicine I’ve taken.
Do yourself a favour, support local talent and get in touch with Katie via Facebook and she will gladly post a CD or two to you.
Katie on Facebook
Katie on Soundcloud

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