What Everbody Ought To Know About Sliverchair!

I’ve been patient, really I have…There’s been some really great rock happening here tonight BUT I’m hanging for this set!! A Silverchair cover band aptly known as ‘Sliverchair‘.

I’m expecting to hear at best – average to adequate covers of some tracks that broke open the Australian ‘grunge music scene’ and shared it around the world. It’s experience of hearing many attempts to emulate the great Silverchair that have failed the originals that leads my thinking.

It’s been a noisy yet somewhat sedate break between bands and I think that punters are just getting their second wind. They better hurry up because three lads have just made it onto the stage!!


Standing against the barrier and waiting while the guys made last minute tuning, a lady standing next to me excitedly said “That’s my son up there, that’s my son…they are going to be soooo good”. Being a mum myself, I was proud for her and hoped her son knew what this experience meant to her…but on the other hand I was thinking “Shhhhh mum..not so loud”…yep, I’ve been told that by mine too…lol

A quick nod from the lead and what I thought was going to be something soft to get us into the set was just nowhere to be found…WTF??? “Pure Massacre” as an opener and right from that first hook I’m sucked in to Sliverchair madness. The vocals are strong, the vibe is insane, the energy is raw and what’s with the drummer…why do I keep being drawn to the drummer???

Oh yeah..bring it on guys…another belter – “Freak“…’No more maybes, Your baby’s got rabies‘…Ooops – I’m getting carried away although I needn’t worry because the whole audience is in a frenzy…Oh this is a massive rendition of one of my all time favourites. The lead is spot on supported by the bass guitarist with backing vocals and again with the drummer…my curiosity is nagging at me now.

We work our way through ‘Slave‘ trying hopelessly not to sing along and stretch our own vocal chords wondering if the lead can hear our awful moans of appreciation against his  excellent delivery of iconic Silverchair tracks. If he can hear a crowded room of punters going for it or at the very least see the passionate and dynamic vibe among them…he doesn’t seem to mind…there’s no wavering in his well -founded and rock solid approach.

Another favourite, oh wait…what am I saying – all Silverchair songs are favourites BUT this is ‘Ana’s Song’ a deep reflection of Daniel Johns battle with anorexia…and now I’ve got it …finally it dawns on me – the drummer has an inescapable aura, a magnetic pull through his pure participation and love of what he is doing. Now that I look more closely I can see the music running in his veins and exuding out as if willing the crowd to flow through his veins with it. I have been taken on an unfamiliar journey with this flow and come out the other side wanting more and I got it – what a compelling and driving character.

Something else that comes to me as noticeable in this performance, well maybe it’s just me, but the bass guitarist..man, he’s tall and he’s also got a vibrant smile! It’s refreshing to see as usually you get nothing but seriousness and involvement in what they are playing from them. He seems to be positively glowing for lack of a better definition.

Back to the music…Set continued with Greatest View and Tomorrow and ended with a bitchin’ rendition of Israel’s Son for which they had another vocalist join them to take care of the grunt and grind angle…which he did well. I felt a little confused as to this addition because I was really into just the three boys of ‘Sliverchair‘ who were all over it in so many ways and in my view they didn’t need any assistance to carry this gig off and end on a bang.

As we come to the end of the set, there’s whistling and screaming out for more – ‘lots of screaming out for more’! Unfortunately due to time constraints and with still another act to go on we were unable to have an encore experience.

I don’t think I have the right words to say exactly how much this performance made my night and with no disrespect to the other artists on the bill tonight – these guys just blew the roof off!!! Just press play below…..

The music may have stopped but that wasn’t enough for me. I can only refer to the individual members as ‘the lead, the bass guitarist and the drummer’…I hadn’t had my closure, especially since there was a murmur in the crowd that these guys had just thrown this set together last minute just for this night – I had to know more.

I sought out a connection to gain more information and found ‘the dad’ that couples with ‘the mum’ from earlier in the night and contact information was exchanged.

To my surprise, my contact – James, is the drummer! I asked questions and James, Nathan and Nathan (Yep, there’s two of them) were happy to answer :-

JS: Who are the members of Sliverchair?

JA:  Currently Sliverchair is:

Nathan Hutchinson “Hutcho”– Vocals and Guitar

Nathan McDonald “NooF”– Bass and Backing Vocals

James Ashley – Drums

JS: How long have you guys been together as Sliverchair?

JA:  As of the first week of January 2019. 3 weeks before the show.

JS: Which Sliverchair member is the biggest Silverchair fan?

JA:  Hutcho! He has listened to Silverchair so much it is in his DNA. His first guitar books he got were all Silverchair. They are a main influence for his guitar playing and writing.

JS: Covering Silverchair is a case of big shoes to fill – What enticed you to do it?

JA:  The passion and driving force of Hutcho. Hutcho wanted to get back into singing from a 18 year hiatus and when this opportunity came up for a tribute show he said “why not” ….

JS:  You guys sure know how to ‘punch the hits outta the ballpark’ … What’s your favourite track to cover and why?

JA: Slave is my favourite track, It puts me in a trace and I just let the songs energy take over…I love it! The Greatest View would have to be a close second because it is such a well-written song.

JS: ‘Sliverchair’ certainly had the crowd on side on the night…How much of the audience participation could you guys hear or see on stage?

JA:  Behind the kit not much it wasn’t until I saw footage back did I realize how many people were singing along to almost every song. It’s amazing to see how these songs connect with people.

JS: Where to from here for Sliverchair?

JA:  Nothing in stone but after the Basement show there are plenty of whispers for more shows and potentially taking it on the road…

JS: Do you have a social media/website address where soon to be fans can follow you?

JA:  We do have a Sliverchair Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Sliverchair.

Youtube will follow soon as well as a Instagram page… The instagram page would have been out sooner but NooF got side tracked watching episodes of Grimm and baking a frittata…hmmm Frittata

So there we leave it – We’ve heard them, we’ve talked to them, we know they are good…why not leave your own words of encouragement in the comments below….. 🙂

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