Shenanigans at The Basement…Australia Day 2019!!

It’s no secret that The Basement in Belconnen, Canberra ACT is one of my most favourite haunts for getting a good dose of ‘Live Music’. Renowned among Canberrans as the place to let loose and head bang along with like minded punters to a plethora of genres at any one time.

One should note a very important inclusion when looking at the upcoming events available at The Basement and that is the number of times you’ll see the name Shenanigans Entertainment attached to the entry. This agency fills the bills with not just one act but upwards to 20 acts on one night which The Basement caters for on multiple stages.

Australia Day 2019 was only different in that Shenanigans Entertainment provided 6 bands for a full on assault of great Australian covers through their ‘Australia Day Party’ event.

How could you not find something to like in this lineup:-

“Leaky Boat” (Crowded House Covers) …

Unfortunately, due to a previous event I was running late and only got to see these guys for a couple of songs however there was no mistaking who they were honouring in their approach. I know I missed something special earlier in the set and kudos to the boys for getting the crowd involved and singing along…check the video 😊


“Night Train” (The Angels & Powderfinger Covers) …

These guys were epic! We heard set of what I deem to be the all time greatest Angels anthems and delivered with the respect that they deserved. You know the ones – Take A Longline, Shadow Boxer and the immortal Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again. Absolutely no shortage of energy from either the band or the punters for this one.

After a short break and a costume change we were off with Night Train again who paid homeage to the iconic Brisbane legends – Powderfinger. By this stage the joint was rockin’ and there was no holding back the furore … even those who didn’t know all the words rocked along. Again it was like a Best Of set and we got ear candy such as On My Mind, Passenger and These Days… 😊


“The Black Bugs” (Regurgitator Covers) …

Regurgitator are not one of my favourite bands but you couldn’t help being swept up in the fan base evident on the night. Complete with Onsie’s The Black Bugs just took the room by storm with their renditions of such songs as Polyester Girl and Black Bugs…Great set and strong performance from the band.


“Chain Reaction” (Johnny Farnham Covers) …

Here is where I must take time to apologise. At this point in the night and because I’d been out all day I found that I was overcome with heat and feeling not so well. I took the time to listen to my body and got some fresh air during this set. From where I was I couldn’t hear the music but when I re-entered I could see there was no loss of enthusiasm from the crowd so I’m going to assume you guys rocked!!


“Sliverchair” (Silverchair Covers) …

Being an avid Silverchair fan I was skeptical on what I would here from this group as I’ve seen cover acts before and been disappointed or had at best an average experience. I am pleased to say “I WAS VERY, VERY WRONG”.  There was no denying the commitment to produce quality and respect to Silverchair in this performance – ‘BOOM’ they hit the road running with Pure Massacre and it only escalated from there! Freak, Ana’s Song, Tomorrow…nobody wanted it to end, the crowd shouting out for more and being left lingering and disappointed due to time constraints on the whole event schedule…but there’s more to the story and Araminta’s will be covering that on a more intimate note with the band very soon…stay tuned!!


“Modern Relic” (AC/DC Covers) …

Ending the night with AC/DC is the only way to go in Australia and Modern Relics provided the punters with the perfect opportunity to celebrate being proud Australians. Classics such as Dirty Deeds, Shoot To Thrill, Highway to Hell and Hells Bells to name a few preceded the only song you could end this night with It’s A Long Way To The Top… If You Want To Rock N Roll…I hear you singing it..Lol


And with the that it was over BUT what a night……Happy Australia Day 2019 and thanks again Shenanigans Entertainment and The Basement for an EPIC night of awesome ‘LIVE MUSIC’ !!!


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