ALBUM REVIEW: Alone Time by Slynk

Genre: Dance/Electronic/Glitch Hop
Released: 7 Feb 2019
If you want it FUNKY FRESH with a cool happy vibe, then try this music for a pick me up, and the good news is it is FREE via YouTube.
Yes Slynk is based in Canada, but was born and grew up in Australia (so Jenno it qualifies as Aussie) and he continues to return home each year to tour down here for his Australian fan base playing festivals and pub gigs.

I’ll try almost any type of music and this stuff is not anywhere near my default attraction, far from it, but I actually dig this stuff. Slynk (aka Evan Chandler) hooked me up with the lossless files to play on my mega cool audio system so I could experience the full audio treat. Super phat bass bombs, fritzy scratching and vocoder type things. It is smoke and mirrors to me how he produces these sounds, but be assured this is worth checking out just for the wonky weirdness. Before you know it you’ll have a smile on ya dial and be tapping away. Slynk
As an experiment I loaded the tracks onto my phone and cranked the album on headphones while attempting to ward of my gut development at the gym. Sounded awesome on headphones as well, so he has the sound mix perfect for both types of listening.
Full disclosure, Slynk is my son and I receive no remuneration for this plug.
Listen here on YouTube
Slynk on Facebook
More Slynk on Soundcloud

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