Zero 1 Zero Hit 2019 with Pre-Single Release Official Video for “Dogs of War”.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Zero 1 Zero are one of the newer talents to watch on the Heavy Metal Scene in this country. They take their influences from bands such as Pantera and Metallica yet blend it into a sound all of their own…

“The wall of sound that hits you when Zero 1 Zero step up to the sonic plate will leave you drenched in sweat and hands in devil-horn mode”   ~DJ Struth Mate~

Having only formed in 2017, Zero 1 Zero backed up their journey in 2018 playing at Brisbane’s Psycho Circus (hosted by Darkcell), Metal United Downunder Lismore Chapter (hosted by Pulpitation Music Promotions) and have featured in Nimbin Hills Magazine.

These opportunities only served to have them become more cohesive and hungrier to show Australia they’re craft and talent and carve themselves a place within metal lovers hearts across the nation.

The present and now that is 2019 has seen Zero 1 Zero’s determination bring forth a thumping single called “Dogs of War” and the launch of an official video for the single on 22nd January 2019 via YouTube.

The video sees members Chris Miller (vocals), Pete Franklin (lead guitar), Hamish Brennan (bass guitar) and Brendan Francis (drums) encased in a black and white industrial environment hammering out a thick, aggressive vocal  accompanied by distorted brutal guitar riffs and heavy rhythmic beats that is – “Dogs of War”.

The single “Dogs of War” is available  as a pre-save on Spotify via Distrokid and is set for digital release on February 8th 2019. (

Zero 1 Zero are here to make sure Heavy Metal shows no signs of slowing down on the Australian music scene and they are doing it with a loud STOMP!!







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