Aloïse delivers her Debut Single ‘Never Thing’.

Aloïse (aka Amy Jenkins) is a pop/indie/folk singer and songwriter based in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Her influences come from artists such as Laura Marling, Thelma Plum, Kimbra and Missy Higgins.

Never Thing is the debut single from an upcoming EP Aloïse has been working on since 2018 and leans heavily into the indie genre but with a surprising big band twist that may well have been introduced due to Aloïse’s Jazz study background.

The fusion of contemporary and melodic vocals with the chosen instrumental accompaniment takes the listener on a well textured journey through the eyes of a girl trying to come to grips with a relationship breakdown.

The beginning and mid sections of the track have an ebb and flow feel bouncing us up and down before the track takes us to a crescendo of instrumental interlude finishing off with a trailing soft vocal stating “I’ll be waiting for you even though you told me not too”.

Never Thing is a good strong solid debut single from Aloïse and we look forward to hearing more from her.


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