GtoA Tidalwave Hits Town!!

Tonight I find myself back at a gig at The Polish White Eagle Club in Canberra’s north. It’s a triple billing again and I love that I get to hear it mixed up with a selection of local bands.

The night begins with a local duo. They are introduced as Georgia and Adrian AKA GtoA and because that wonderful social platform Facebook has some strange rules we can find their page under ‘Duet Band’…they’re working on it!

Tonight will be the night of originals from GtoA and Georgia introduces us to a new song ‘Cause it’s you’. It’s a very tame and gentile track with an almost country undertone but a pleasant start to the night. It’s followed by 3 more songs along the same genre – ‘Secret’, ‘First Date’ and ‘Wednesday’. The tunes have nice mellow instrumental tones and a soft vocal approach which showcased Georgia’s modulated voice.48404893_887269468329139_451798020866965504_n

There’s a momentary pause as Georgia swaps her acoustic for an electric and we are introduced to another genre – ‘Rock’ possibly even ‘Hard Rock’. Georgia belts out ‘Forget You’ and ‘Where You Were’. Her vocals have intensified fittingly and she starts as fruity and transcends to gravelly and gritty with hard punching accents. Adrian supplies us with a solo of riffs equally as outstanding and flawless to boot.

As if by magic we step out of that genre and into what I would term ‘New Wave’..we are treated to renditions of ‘Strange’ and another new song ‘Lie to you’. We are still encased in the punchy and riff zones but we’ve lost a little of that grit and gravel. It’s a step up for the duo but one they comfortably carry off.

This is great…but wait…there’s more! After catching her breath Georgia introduces us to her favourite song and yet another genre – the Blues and ‘Brett’s House’.48370263_769645830056106_2501378116987912192_n

I wonder at the toll this must be taking on Georgia’s vocals when GtoA step it into another zone with a two chord Punk Song – ‘EMO’ – the delivery of which reminded me of Lene Lovich! This has been one hell of a ride with two very talented musicians.

To finish off their set, GtoA involve the punters in the chorus of the last song which reverts back to a Country feel in ‘Unwanted House Guest’. Adrian capably takes on the role of guiding the audience.

As the set finishes the crowd erupt in applause and whistles of appreciation for what seemed to be a mammoth undertaking crossing many genres yet held strong from beginning to end.

I haven’t talked much about Adrian but without his support musically and background vocals he supplied something would have been missing. His knowledge of how to make his guitar speak to an audience is to be commended. The arrangements were carried fluidly from mellow to raucous and edgy fret work for which we must give him Kudos!

Through the genre journey I think that I enjoyed the rock and blues tones of Georgia’s vocals the most and if she can find songs that hit that gritty, thick, throaty sound at the mid to top end then I’m sure GtoA will garner some more fans with ease.

Great set – blew my socks off – be seeing these guys again!!!

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