Scarlett Road Head To Tamworth in 2019.

One sunny afternoon in Brisbane, two groups got together for a gig playing one after the other. Members from each group got to chatting and Scarlett Road was born….an ‘all girl’ Bluegrass Band.

After a short wait due to one of the girls being overseas, in October 2018 the group began their journey. They’ve had a couple of local gigs in Brisbane but have hit the jackpot by scoring gigs at a couple of venues in conjunction with The Tamworth Music Festival.

Scarlett road will perform two gigs for The Tamworth Songwriters Association on the 19th and 20th of January and also have a slot on the Coca Cola Stage at Tamworth City Hall on the morning of the 19th.

As an added bonus to the occasion, Brenda Kelly, singer/songwriter for Scarlett Road has had one of her original compositions ‘Wildhorse Mountain’ nominated as a semi-finalist with The Tamworth Songwriters Awards.

Moving forward from Tamworth, Scarlett Road hope to share their sounds with audiences throughout South East Queensland and already have a gig booked at Cafe Edge in Beenleigh, Brisbane on 13th May.

We’ll certainly be looking forward to following the journey of Scarlett Road and they are off to a great start!!


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