Introduction to Minh Ha and his music…

Being a solo opening act for a night of band fever is never an easy task. You sit up on the stage, just you and your instruments of choice and quite often with the stage setup already for the next act to follow. You are one and they are many, it’s daunting finding your space in the expanse of prearranged instruments and you look small and lonely in that scenario.

Your challenge is to bring the punters into your confines and away from the distractions in place on the stage, keep them with you, zoned in on your performance and what you bring.

Hi, I’m Mihn Ha – challenge accepted!!! 20181201_203730

Min Ha found his space in the expanse and delivered up a soulful and real experience for those in attendance at The White Eagle Polish Club in Canberra’s north. He had his trusty guitars, his harmonica, his repertoire of original compositions, his tuned vocal chords and no problems engaging the crowd and sucking them into his sweet space.

We were enticed by some great musical intro’s into some even greater originals from the Minh Ha vault:-

“Lonely Road” – A testament to being a solo performer and the loneliness of that format from time to time.

“Getaway” – Although confessing his love for Canberra Minh tells us sometimes you just need to get away from it to refresh.

“Don’t Judge” – A track in support of following your own dreams and not worrying about how other people judge you in that journey.

“Passing Time” – A recount of experiences in growing up with mates.

Minh displays a wealth of musical abilities from skillful and purposeful songwriting to playing acoustic/lap guitars, great harmonica highlights and incorporates it all together with a resonant voice.

Tonight Minh capably bridged the gap between a cold crowd and a lively one carrying us along the path to a night that only became more raucous. He held his own and provided a pleasant and polished performance – Great set Minh!






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